Roast Me! Shred My Pride! (And Make Me Rich.)

in busy •  4 months ago


Here’s the deal, I’m in the process of going to school to be a paramedic.

Unfortunately I am short on money for a vaccination and a medical exam that I’m required to have. I don’t want to beg for money but I’m a talentless loser and can’t provide a legitimate service. (Holla at ya boy if you need a cartoon penis though.)

Then it hit me.

What are inept mentally deficient people good at? Yep that’s right, getting roasted.

Sling your insults my way and even hop in on the fun if you want by using the #roast-me tag.

I’ve included some great fodder for the verbal assault.



Me as a child.


A fun mugshot.

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Sort Order: Joe Dirt your father?

And what the fuck happened in that mugshot? When you do a bowl-cut, you’re supposed to then CUT THE HAIR.

And that detergent on your face probably made it the cleanest it’s ever been. Still won’t take care of the herp though.

You don’t need more schooling. You need a shower and a job, ya fuckin’ bum!

1st one - when the actor to my gay homemade porno didn't show up.

3rd one - "I'd be really worried if I wasn't white"

Fun idea though, hopefully more people join the roast-me tag!


I was the lone white guy lol. Maybe I was thinking the opposite.

Hahaha! Loving this! Pst, 80’s called, they want their mullet back!

How much for a cartoon penis? I bought a cat from Steve the I want to draw a cat from you guy years ago, why not a penis. Maybe I'll make a post about it.

Quote me a price homeslice

Oh and if you do a video making a I want to draw a penis for you jingle I'll throw in a couple extra SBD lol


Lol you name what you want it in the style of (or caricature) and I’ll make it happen. You can decide what it’s worth when I’m done.

I think you may love it.


hmm, not feeling super creative at the moment so feel free to take some creative liberty but just throwing a couple ideas out there...

dont be a dick, signup for steemit.

or maybe a brides maid reference, " you feel that steem? that's comming from my undercarriage"

feel free to take some creative liberties though. looking forward to seeing what you come up wtih


Hey brother still waiting on my dick :) lol


Sorry my friend! I’ll get you a rudimentary penis in the next couple of days.


Anxiously awaiting your penis

I don't even know why you included that childhood photo. You just look like you slayed pussy in between kicking ass. You probably sent shivers down the asshole of everyone who encountered that glorious mullet.


I had to prove I haven’t been a pussy my whole life.

So, what's bail like when you're arrested on suspicion of molesting livestock?


I like your style bro!


I like your guts and sense of humor. :)

I would roast you but it looks like your dna already did.

Holy shit bro...... the hair!?! Up-voted! I hope you get what you need brother.

I don't think I am bold or thick skinned enough to dare this but good one though.


You can do it bro!

I want you to lol

Hmm @kryptik... Firstly I love those images because u look very good in them 😁💗. I felt sad about your need for money to enrol in a college which is something very lovely. I also love the fact that you don't wana beg for money because this gives you more respect in the sight of others.

but I’m a talentless loser and can’t provide a legitimate service. (Holla at ya boy if you need a cartoon penis though.)

I want you to know today that you are talented or gifted the fact is you haven't discovered your talent. Stop using the word "talentless" because I believe every creature has a special gift, it may just take time to discover it. Always believe in your self and stay focused. Do not loose hope and keep searching for your talent, you will surely find it.

I will resteem your post because I want to help you generate more income on this post so that you can attend your medical school.
Secondly, I don't mind sending you some little amount of SBD from the very little amount I have made on Steemit with my very little payouts. I believe I will surely make more income when the time comes.

Stay blessed and have a great day. With love from@hardaeborla 💗

nice mullet bro

I don't think it takes that much effort to roast you, you pretty much do it to yourself.



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