Ski or Die - Amazing Oldschool Wintersports Game

in busy •  6 months ago

Oh on my Amiga 600 I've played this like crazy. Watching the game on Youtube makes my memories come back..

The game is about kind of winter Olympics but with humor and a bit of freestyle. You have a few competitions to play in:

  • Snowball - just shooting snowballs on kids you see outside of your igloo
  • Downhill - my favorite, running downhill on Ski with loads of jumps and hidden paths
  • Acro Aerials - jumping off ramp on Ski and making tricks in the air
  • Snowboard Halfpipe - just freestyle, the way to score most was to not repeat tricks but do many different in a row
  • Innertube Thrash - a race on innertubes, fun!

Any of you guys played this game? They also made game Skate or Die but i did not try it.

Fan site with tips and tricks -

The game is free now as its abandonware, needs Emulator.

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I only play snowball. It was really enjoyable in that time.

Oh! I used to play this a lot as a child. Amazing nostalgia here. Looks like it runs on Dosbox, which is great on Ubuntu.

Skate or Die was also fun on the NES. I think 720 was kind of a sequel (

). There is a working machine of this at Ground Kontrol ( in Portland, OR.

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Very great game,i only play cricket game,i m cricket lover,thanks for sharing,