Get Byteballs Free and Help Someone You Follow or Like to Make Money Too

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I was one of first bloggers to promote Byteballs as i seen this project awesome and worthwile on my off-steem blog. Im also almost positive ive been first to write about getting free Bytes on Steemit in 2017 or so. Fast gooling brang me to but maybe i had poste before that also -
Pretty much i found and started promotign this coin before it got on Bittrex and i have been running many tests over the network.

If this is too much to read, skip to another header with full step by step.

Anyways back to current situation. Right now Byteball started doing airdrop not on BTC holders but on us - Streemians.

Anyone who has rep bigger than 30 can get as much as 10-100 USD worth of the coin easy way.
But there is also another thing - if somebody "lets you in" (send you initial cents) he also gets a reward.
No you still get the same but if you let someone do the send initially he also makes it.

This way its worth even if you are my old follower with many Byteballs - allow me or somebody to get you in initially you lose nothing yet can admire the person :)

I wanted to let others do their posts first and lets see how my followers will do here.

Just go by this guide also i will show you here how to make sure ie myself will be getting you in instead of somebody else/random.

N00b friendly Blueprint

  1. Download Byteballs wallet -
  2. Install AND right away go to the left and chose "create new wallet"
  3. Next to new wallet tick "one address wallet" image.png
    and call the wallet with your steemit username.
  4. Go to your wallet click "receive" and copy wallet address.
  5. Now to make sure im the one doing this (or even meet me if you havent before) join my discord - or pm me on @kingscrown with your Bytes address.
  6. After you receive them go to Chat -> Bot Store -> Steemit and do all they need (you will need account password).
  7. Voila you made money and also gave them to chosen person (it doesnt have to be me, you can use some friend or other person you like).

Or just write your addy in comments!


Install byteballs, make new address right away with "single option", ping me on any chat with it.



There is a coin which also has aff program to get in, but actually the only way to get in is by someone getting you - no way to just buy coins and self-invite. Its called Merit and i have free invites (they cost around 4usd now) to get you guys in. You can then easily mine it with CPU or Nvidia GPU even on wack comps. Wanna try? Join -

My Official Discord Crypto/Steemit Group -

Follow, Resteem and VOTE UP @kingscrown creator of blog for 0day cryptocurrency news and tips!


MRT accepts will happen in 24h as all got used. just try in around that time to mine.

I just created an account on merit, can you accept my account, please.
also can someone send some bytes to my account : SPUT6CLKLKFKWRTX73NYQAUWIDVMXGXY

shall i send you?

Can u do the same for me please?MGpD79Sc4ajPayNfjQfJ5a9gEafJk1Jd4X

Please accept my account on Merit also sir @kingscrown...!

Please confirm my invite request on Merit sir @kingscrown, thank you!

I like this project, viva Byteball

i will wait till i get better level ;)

I already got the airdrop a few days ago................ but I have no trouble believing that you probably were the first guy to promote it here in 2017. Your news and reviews have always been before most were even aware of. Thank for sharing them, man!

I used the referral link you gave for 'Merit' though. Made an account under the same name - hashcash. I guess all that remains is to unlock it.

all good man, i let it slide for a week (?) so no problem if someone used other way! i was early into this anyways ;) an yeah MRT is a good call imho

Can I request a invite to merit from you?

i saw you and approved, use this 12 words to login into lightwallet (allows mining)

Thanks for sharing this kind of good news!

This is a great opportunity for us steemians to have give priority to have that airdrop. It is simply amazing how steem and steemit got this far and so much opportunity surrounding it. Just keep on steeming!

this coin is worth a few socks!

@kingscrown my reputation is not 30 please help me how i will be eligible for this

its 30 now

@x888 Thanks for your help

@subodhkumarmahto , it is now above 30. You can post your byteball address now.Thanks.

So do we get a fraction of a Byteball? How long do we have to redeem it? Can we wait a while? Is this just the beginning of a lot of SMTs to be released on Steem? :D

comes right away! just try

Byteball is probably the most popular airdrop, i steemians rolling in and out with their referrals. I wonder if there are still steemians out there who haven't heard of this airdrop.

This is a great airdrop and I'll be claiming my free byteballs soon. What a great opportunity for us steemians!

Hurry up!! I guess you're planning to claim after reaching a reputation score of 50.Airdrop stops if their limit is reached.


I've upvoted you a bit to help and make you eligible for airdrop. Contribute to the posts through your comments as the comments such as yours is considered spamming. Produce quality content and build your niche. Commenting is also a good way to earn some STEEMs but keep them productive.

This is good.i too helped a friend of mine to make him eligible for the airdrop.😊

Thank you for the important advice bro.

How do i increase steem tep to get more bytes?

You can earn $10 easily by installing byteball. With the bytes you can buy steem.

Does it work, seriously ?

definitely, It is working. It is real.

you really came 1st time to my profile?! everything i share works.

thanks for real info.,

The byteball airdrop is cool I wonder if people are going to buy them after getting them for free. I do like byteball I think it could be the top gambling coin, it has potential

Maybe they will buy them again if they after one year discover that they forgot to backup their wallet and they can't get access to their locked free Bytes anymore :P Anything can happen with 1 year.

Yeah I tried backing it up but it wants access to things like photos, media and files on my phone? I'm not sure I'm kool with that? Am I being too paranoid? Is this normal for backups as I can't go further in the process without allowing it..............

Yeah, that is normal permission, without it, it can't save the backup to your phone. But minimum that you should backup is the seed words, but Full backup would be better.

Oh ok it just seemed strange. I'm trying to perform the full back up and just sketched out a bit when this came up. The way it's worded was freaky. Thanks for the reply!

yeah, byteball has huge potential in future. Currently 113th Rank, $127 price and the most Important thing is very less supply that is only 1 Million.
Every coins havings billions of supply while #GBYTE having only 1 million means huge potential.

I installed byteball and received bytes in return. Huge Airdrop. Congratulations those are joining now.

Hi @kingscrown
I have joined merit. You may be need to accept it. otherwise my wallet shows inactive

my merit name is: coinkaka

is ur wallet accepted?

Not yet

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!

Looks like is offline...
Could you please send me some byteball change for initial transaction fee?
Thank you so much!

The domain has changed to

So not anymore. ;)

i have a win win request to you @kingscrown sir.i have a rep of 49 and just need you to upvote this comment to get over 50 so i can be eligible to get $40 instead of the $20 am eligible for right now and then i use your invite link to come in. thanks

heloget in.jpg

Bitcoin duplicated in excess of 13 times in value a year ago, yet fell 50 percent in the initial three months of 2018. The digital currency, the biggest by showcase capitalization, exchanged minimal changed.

"Looking forward, our investigation distinguishes a significant yet not exceptional overvaluation in the cost of bitcoin, recommending numerous long stretches of unstable sideways bitcoin costs ahead" the Swiss analysts said. Three others likewise added to the paper.

used one of your invites to merit. Need you to confirm brother? Thanks so much as always for the new ideas . Good to see you!

I do not qualify. please help me :((

You have the reputation and can join now

Getting Byteballs free is a good opportunity because it has merely total supply of One Million and Circulating supply of only 0.645 Million, this coin can make huge difference but at present its not among top 100 coins which is little worry.

Can you please tell me in detail how can a person will earn from this.

At first you need to build your reputation score. then you can consider to earn bytes. Though you can download the wallet right now.

Thank u. uuuu. Byteballllll👓👓👓👓

This coin is going to be one of the best coin. Recently I searched on Coin market cap and I was shacked after seeing this coin.
Because of very very low supply.
only 1 million supply it means GBYTE is 21 times less than BTC in total supply circulation as well as this coin support Steemit platform.
So no doubt this coin will return a lot to investors. Awesome project and concept by team GBYTE.

I just found this today. Wallet is super fast. really a awesome project.

thats why i found it like 1 year ago (or two) :)

Why not? You can join now

Thisbis Grate Blog Awsome Info Sir More Money Thanks For @kingcrown

Are a byteball new coin

@kingscrown Thank you for the informative post :) Steem on.

biteball use

Hello, How can we exchange byteball bytes to SBD or where we can sell it? and one more thing my steem accounts Reputation 43 but I got only $9.8 Equivalent bytes.

bittrex, if you have an account with them

Thanks for the info


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GBYTES is the next generation of blockchain

hi @kingscrown
bittrex is american exchange isn't it ??
well good info.

ooo well! Thank you! Im new in Steemit, so I wanna know about everything what is gois on here)

Sir, I would really appreciate if you can support people like us. Your little help will help us grow too.
Looking forward to hearing soon from you. Thank you.

@kingdcrown as i haven't rep above 30 so i am not able to participate in free byteball airdrop but the project is really awesome. i really like DAG technology that they used . Byteball Project is one of the promising projects

@kingscrown is this for one having repo >30 only?

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

@kingscrown can we invest in byteball and what is the minimum invest to start this opportunity.

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i cant plz help me some one

send your wallet address to Kingscrown,he will try to help you!

What are you having trouble with?

I followed this step by step with one of my Steemit accounts:

but there are plenty of posts on Steemit explaining it step by step.

please guys, i hate to spam but i need advice on this post, you do not need to upvote if you dont want to, just your advice could help me out. thank you

bài viết rất hay đó @kingscrown tôi sẽ thử nó, mong bạn giúp đỡ tôi, để tôi được thành công như bạn trên steemit

Boss, I join merit using your invite, help me to Unlock my wallet. Same user ID. thanks

is ur wallet accepted?

Yes, just waiting to be approval by my invite account

IF he is not accepting our account.. why he posted his invitation link?

You actually don't need to make a single-address wallet anymore if you are a new user and installing the wallet for the first time because since January, single-address wallet is the default one that is created for you on first launch.

oh thanks, im with GBYTE since its very launch so wasnt aware of changes for new users

I used your ref for merit, can you help to confirm the request to unlock it?
My merit wallet name is the same with my steemit id name.
Thank you.

is ur wallet accepted?

Speaking of merit I'm trying to start mining...... any helpful tips/instructions would be nice as it keeps referring to the mining links within the wallet but more or less running me in a circle? What am I missing?

#kingscrown, good post, but you folloq it ..:P

is there my account will be safe doing this @kingscrown ??

I love this coin but unluckily i dont qualify for it now,hope this airdrop comes again in future....
Love @sumeetsingh

Superb Bonus.!
I would like sure work here.

Umm I did it too but lost everything . I got the gbytes but when I tried to convert it to btc with byte-btc bot , it asked me to send my bytes and when I send I got the msg that amount was low so the amount was sent to donation
And at last I got nothing

wow , that is so nice of you , thanks for info

Hi, @kingscrown how can I get it man??

Accept My Request on MERIT.. I Have SignedUP @engineermabbas

Can I request a invite to merit from you?

After a long wait and lots of tries, I finally got some byteballs in my wallet. I already have a wallet, can I still get airdrop?

Waoww this is amazing.. someome help me plz

Byte-ball is amazing. I got my bonus and very thankful to it.

@kingscrown Pls confirm my invite I have registered using your link

from where do i get installed?

Hello @kingscrown,
I always follow you and you give always a good information. I already get the superb coin. Thank you...


@kingscrown It is the awesome news. Thanks for rolling out wth the larger audience. I already did it yesterday and got 20 usd. Keep rolling these type of news to help all steemians.

Hi kingscrown thank you for sharing this to us. Yes i've heard and see about this on social media but i thought it was a joke and scam until you finally let it out here. I created my account on the merit pls. can you accept or confirmed. and how can i share this to help others too. Followed, Resteem and upvote Done.Thanks

@kingscrown I installed the wallet : GWPEQL5RM5GYAVXRBH36F3KGSUNFEX4S

done but you should use discord

@kingscrown i have 28 streem power. can i get the byteballs ?

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I just joined do give me bytes please


Just taking my few seconds and laughing at this... ok. Im done. It really working for you though?

it would work for you too if you ever read history of my posts.. here 2 years.. other places.. 4? ;) a bit of reading.

Laughing at the byteballs... I just saw your post... So I'll keep up from here on.

Oh thats what you mean, haha. Yeah the name is a bit funny but its not a new currency and it does really trade with nice price ;)

@kingscrown hello bro bitcoin this time $7400 and i think end of 2018 go $35000 so what you think?????

I sent you message to accept my invite @jeevanjot

Nice work. I followed the steps and waiting to meet you in discord. Not sure what to do.

Dear, does it works? Seriously?

nice information

I just joined merit. However my wallet is locked. Can you please confirm my invite request. Thank you.

@kingscrown its also work with dagchain.

So even buy dagcoin which is very usefull..

@kingscrown its also work with dagchain.

So even buy dagcoin which is very usefull..

@kingscrown its also work with dagchain.

So even buy dagcoin which is very usefull..

this is a real bounty?

follow me please...

Hi @kingscrown, I have already got the byteball airdrop through someone else. But I have joined Merit through your link and waiting your confirmation. Merit user name is same as here "successforall". Have a nice day.

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Steenit iD: @silentworld reputation:53; byteball address:ZYSXIXXL5MTMVMMWLJYWBUO7ZYXRVQQA

Thank you very much for the invitation to download the wallet of Merit dear friend @kingscrown, for what I have read now you must confirm the invitation or something like that
Thank you very much dear friend .

Hey guys, Im kind of new and I'm still 29 of reputation is there something I can do?

Hope to learn more about this byteball, Thanks.

My reputation 25 I want to join but can not ...

I just created an account on merit, can you accept my account, please.

great post @kingscrown
I need some help for rise my reputation to 30

there are many people out there who promote same promotion. You may be the first one to introduce but people have copies your giveaway concept now. See couple of similar post here since last few days.

i see potential in this project. Really nice coin appreciate your work.

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