DelegationHub Bounty - Win additional SP and STEEM in October!

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Introducing DelegationHub

Delegationhub ( as its name implies is a place for delegation - which currently supports STEEM and EOS.

@delegationhub is easy to use. I visited their website, choose the highest APR from the 'Available Least Requests' and delegate the SP through the link - via securely steemconnect, then enjoy receiving the daily payout.

I have to say - their service is great, even after HF20 chaos, they still sent the payout afterwards:


As you can see above, I have 3 delegations and the payout is combined into one - which is easier to check.

The APR on average is from 12 to 17% which is a great deal! And they promise to send a note when the delegation is due to expire.

Win additional SP and STEEM in October!

If you are top 3 delegatees or delegators, you will win additional delegated Steem Power or STEEM payout! For more details and current standings, please visit their Delegation Market rankings

WOW - this is an excellent opportunity to win addition SP or STEEM!

@justyy is not affiliated with @delegationhub in any way - and I do honestly like their simple-to-use service, if you have spare SP, you can delegate and earn the payout. If you want to rent, it is also a useful place to look at.

Enjoy and Steem On!

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