Adding Downvote Mana Bar in Account and Witness Information Pages

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Since HF21, the downvote bar comes for free with 25% of the voting bar.

Each user now has a mana pool specifically for down votes. This pool is 25% of the upvote mana pool. Downvotes will consume this mana first before consuming regular mana. When voting, 1/50th of the remaining mana is used for a 100% vote. The same math is used for downvote mana but multiplied by 4 because the downvote mana pool is 25% the size of the normal mana pool. The maximum of these values is used. When both mana pools are at 100%, the values are the same. When downvote mana runs out normal mana is used in the same manner as the current behavior.

I have added the downvote-bar to the following two pages:

  1. Witness Information:
  2. Account Information:


With steem-js, you can get the down-vote mana value with getAccounts API:


And also, you need the following two values: voting power and the voting mana


So, we need to calculate the total upvote mana bar, multiply by 25% then we get the total downvote bar.

var current_mana = response[0].voting_manabar.current_mana;
var downvote_mana = response[0].downvote_manabar.current_mana;
var downvote_last_update_time = response[0].downvote_manabar.last_update_time;
var downvote_per = downvote_mana / (current_mana / (response[0].voting_power / 100) / 4);          
var secondsago = (new Date - new Date(downvote_last_update_time * 1000)) / 1000;
var pow = downvote_per * 100 + (10000 * secondsago / 432000);
pow = Math.min(pow / 100, 100).toFixed(2);

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