Voting Bot Offline for a Few Days and Back Online Now!

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I tested a few ideas for a few days and I chose to return to the voting bot again after seeing the initial feedback!

Jerry Banfield

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Just passing by to say thank you very much once more Jerry.

in a week I'll be celebrating my 1 year on Steemit, and everything I'm now doing here, and all the new hope Steemit have provide me to achieve my life dreams I have to thank you.

Exactly an Year ago I was watching An 1 hour Advertising Video you made and promoted on the youtube. And I can't really express how thankful I'm for you having done this.

I'll be watching for this new announcement tomorrow.

hope one day I might be able to find you in a steem festival or something alike, just to give you the most sincere thank you hug of all time!

See ya dear friend!

Manual curation?

Hello Jerry
I has been rolling out on a new site called this week. It differs from other steem sites because it introduces the element of advertising to the mix. I recognize that in light of the way steem works rewarding the authors and curators, this is crazy. However this rewards two other groups. It rewards the visitors as well as the people hosting the content (like a magazine publisher gets rewarded).

People like yourself who haven't registered as a host can still see their content on the site but do not receive the reward nor is their any customization:

Contrast you site with hosted sites with the customization

Not only does it promote the host's content, but more importantly it allows the host to promote the content of his/her friends (found on contributor aspx).

When a visitor logs in (using steemconnect) they receive their share of the reward otherwise it goes to the host. Initially we have been running free advertisements but that will change as we get more traffic.

As you can see with this report for this morning:

Lucy would be rewarded at least two times. We actually do control for the number of times a visitor gets rewarded for visiting a host (once per hour) as well by ip address to limit host rewards. While I hit her page 3 times, only 1 would be counted as a reward.

When a visitor or host gets rewarded, they receive the reward in the form of steem power delegation. In this way steem will be absorbed like a sponge. Imagine if all the steem or steem dollars that is floating around freely today was used to buy advertising. Advertisers from outside of the community will increase the price of steem because of increased demand. Initially it would be locked up as steem power on the steemhost01 account. Overtime it becomes delegated to visitors and hosts.

Since it is delegated people will not be able to sell their steem or steem dollars immediately. They will be encouraged to improve the content on their sites to generate more author and curation rewards.

To listen to the audio version of this article click on the play image.

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sure @tts that was interesting, thanks ;)

that's great to hear. I know you are going something special to this community. so excited about your next post. we are waiting impatiently.
and your daughter looks​ s0o0 cute. <3 <3 lots of love.

Amazing daughter you have sir. She is so cute.

Amazing doghter we are waiting for the announcement, always nice posts , keep going @jerrybanfield


I'm still fairly new to @Steemit and have benefited from your every post. I truly appreciate the work and time you've invested into Steemit. I'm still getting my feet wet and curious about voter bots. I'm thinking of making a multiple of pages to outfit a number of web domains I manage with @Steempress-io. The account has 1,000,000 Steem Power dedicated to those that use it for their Wordpress blog publishing translation onto Steemit. I sometimes write 10 blog articles and usually never exceed one a day from any site. Delegation creates a lot of questions. In the event I create an account per website I'm considering delegation of upvotes by those accounts. I'm also working on my account @Sutter. I'm interested in finding an active print of the available Steembottracker registered bots. Is there any Steemit account offering daily report that's complete with adjustments of requests in SBD/STEEM for upvote. My primary interest is bots by amount of SBD for upvote. I would like to find a list that offers bots from 0.001 SBD to 0.01 SBD and so forth. This is the current range of my consideration for individual upvote bots. I'm finding it hard to find a complete list. Is there any such "Daily SteemBotTracker Transparency Report Page." Whereas, the API assembling bots to SteemBotTracker offers daily positing reprint with current information on the bots available? I think that a automated report based on this concept would be exactly what I'm interested in looking at before making transfers to upvoters. I think if it was an account I would likely upvote every post unless delegated otherwise. Is something like this in the works? Is something like this previously existing? I think the creation of something like this would increase reach to all the bots mentioned by any such page. And, Thanks again for your efforts in creating an awesome community of upvoters for minnows!

Yours truly,

@Sutter + @Resteemmuse!

Hi Jerry, its' Rosa here. Remember me from Udemy? In a lot of your courses. Can you visit me at discord and DM me? Thanks!


I do yes and am very happy to see you on Steem again!


@jerrybanfield, can we get connected on Discord?

Leading the way again jerry! Cant wait to read more about this new initative!

Looking forward to your new intiative @jerrybanfield. Let's see what it has to offer the platform.

Wow great post, the picture is amazing, greetings from Venezuela!!!

I am looking forward to that post, every attempt to focus on quality is a step in the right direction 💚

Amazing 🙌🏻🙌🏻 So excited for this new chapter. You rock @jerrybanfield. Great pic of you and your daughter 😊

Glad i stopped by! I hope this initiative is grounding and good. Looking forward to seeing what's going on 💜🙌🍉

Thanks for always working on improvement on the services you render to the steemit community.

@jerrybanfield I cannot wait to see what you have for the Community and Thank You my Friend for showing Love to so many on STEEMIT. I appreciate you..............

Waiting to get some unanswered question reply....desperate to get tomorrow the unique intitiative, which is must considering the current steemit scenario. reblogged!

I look forward to the announcement and I really want to know what is in stock for all of us. Offline bot?, I'm just really wondering though and I want to know more about this because to me, this is a very nice initiative. Your greatest fan but I didn't get my own Nike shoes... Lol

Eager to see what you have under your sleeve :-)
More important: this is an unbelievably beautiful picture!

Wow! Commendable dear bro @jerrybanfield looking forward to the new initiative you've got up your sleeves. Cheers

I look forward to reading the article, I too am at the point where I don't want to make use of bots but have to just to get noticed. Any recomendations on what I should be doing differently or will that too be part of what tomorrow holds?

Looking forward to your announcement tomorrow :)

while I am looking forward to see what you have planned is making a post about a coming post not quantity over quality?


lol yes I considered that :) With this post I am testing building some anticipation instead of just dropping the post like I usually do!

Looking forward to it @jerrybanfield

I am sure you will come up with something exciting. Waiting for tomorrow


Thank you so much for contributing to the community! I have also been following you on youtube for some time now!

I am new myself to Steem and want to grow in this community with everyone!

At first I thought you are doing some great job here on Steemit but sadly it is not all white. As I know you have also upvote bot option. These bots are the cancer of Steemit, same way as some whales are. We still need some algorithm for exposing good original posts. I stopped checking trend list months ago. For someone like me it is frustrating to see all those high paid posts... I am sure some among them are great and deserves it... I am looking forward for your plan. See you tommorow


If voting bots are cancer, then the advertising industry and investment in general is also cancer.


Yes, when I see Coca Cola billboard I know it was paid and it is their to promote their product. Now is up to me if I will register it or not. Steemit principle is if post has higher upvote it os good and it is worth of reading. But high upvotes from bots or whales are doing opposite.


You can't get votes if noone can find you. Bid bots are just one of the solutions for this, though.


Yes. And here would some algorithm solve this problem. In Appics will be curators. So we will se how it will work


Steemit principle is if post has higher upvote it os good and it is worth of reading.

All that glitters is not gold.

A post could have a massive payout and still be trash. The same way a heavily prompted product could end up being a disappoinment.

Steemit works like the real world, there's no utopia over here.


Indeed. And here will someone offer "democracy". Sola tried something but not good enough. We will se Ono and Appics how it will work. Trending should be for good not by rich content

Can't wait to see what's in store!! :).

Thanks. I will be watching out for that info. Cheers!

I am newer on steemit, and have not used your voting bot. However, this has sparked my interest, and I am looking forward to see what new system you come out with

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
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Two things:
1- What a beautiful picture of you and your daughter! I hope with all my heart that God blesses and protects her always, that he makes her a good lady in the future and that she never lacks anything (although I'm sure you work so hard for that)
2- It is great that you encourage the other members of the community to focus on quality and it is not quantity, many times the new members here feel intimidated and belittled, since we invest a lot of time, effort and love in doing our post and many times are not even read... Because now it's all about who knows who, who has more power within the community and forget to promote quality content, which is what we're all here fo, right?


Jerry what do we do when : lets say @booster doesnt vote or give you a refund back. Am i screwed? Ive reached out but its a bot so nothing. I ask you because you are awesome amd seem to know a ton. If you could lead me to the right path id be so happy. Thanks Again Jerry u r the man!


Jerry! Can I ask you a favor?
I hope you do not think I abuse your kindness or something like that.
Could you help me with a resteem to my latest publication? It's for a good cause:( I'd really appreciate it too much♥