Why Ronaldo gone?

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Ronaldo is currently the world's best footballer. But the respect which he deserves, he has not been confirmed from the club. Cristiano Ronaldo was unhappy with several issues. Ronaldo left the club due to the surprise of everyone?
Cristiano Ronaldo has proved that the success is not the last word. After spending an incredible time in Real Madrid, the most successful club in history went from new to the new address, as well as heroes. Wisden won the Champions League three times in Real Madrid.

Four Ballon d'Or wins, including two drawn, for Real. Ronaldo is also the highest scorer in the club's history. Even after such success, nobody could guess that CR Seven was so unhappy that the inside was so unhappy. The club president cracks with me. The trouble with the tax authorities was running. Considering many aspects, this decision has taken quite a lot of thought.

Ricci has won three consecutive champions league by winning the World Cup While Lionel Messi receives annual salaries 41 million euros, Neymar 35 million euros, Ronaldo gets 21 million euros. Club President Florentino Perez did not raise Ronaldo's salary, but he did not yet grow up. When Ronaldo won the Ballon d'Or last year, Perez still had to take Neymar Pointing to Neymar, he said, "If you want to win Ballon d'Or, you have to come to Rial."

Despite being a star like him, Real Madrid's interest in Neymar was provoked by Ronaldo. The reasons for leaving the club have been threatened. However, it did not give much importance to the club. Things were somewhat complex. Because Ronaldo wanted to stay in the club, he was not shown the dues to keep him from the club. Rather, the issue was rolled down, but there is no problem with Ronaldo leaving the real; But the announcement will come from the face of this player's five-Ballon d'Or, so that there is no allegation against the fans on the club.

Juventus took this opportunity Since his childhood, Juventus has been a favorite favorite club, Ronaldo said long ago. Juventus, who gave away the Juventus quarter-final to the Champions League this year, also praised Ronaldo as the way he was honored by the Juventus fans. And then maybe it was decided in mind that, without Manchester United or PSG, the new address would be Turin.

However, it would not be easy to get the best players in the world, knowing that the Italian club Interestingly, Juventus's share price rose almost 20 percent after Ronaldo was rumored to be in the team. And they have been interested in this matter, if anyhow they can be picked up in the team, they will not have time to charge the cost.

Juventus won the last Champions League in 1995-96 In the last four years, I won the final twice but I could not win the trophy. However, Ronaldo can expect something good about this time. And Ronaldo will retain the Real form of Juventus - that is the hope 'CR Seven' fans.


Yes,he is unhappy with several issues.Besides ,Real Madrid doesn't respect the legends. From this side the rivals,Barcelona is far better than Real though I'm a Madridista.

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