310 million Neymar Real?

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Neymar is going to Real Madrid Everyone is annoyed to read this buzz and read the news. If anyone ever excels with such buzz, then Real Madrid's Florentino Perez and the club's directors. Neymari is the world football player after Ronaldo and Messi, thousands of thousands. But the Realie is telling, Neymar will not come to the real!

Yesterday, a Spanish state television news story was similar to cracking a bomb. Real Madrid is offering 310 million euros for PSN, and news is broadcast on Television Espnola (TVE). The TV channel's report says that Real Madrid President Florentino Perez was fascinated by Neymar's performance for Brazil against Mexico. He is thinking of Neymar as the future leader of Real. That's why he is ready to pay any sum to the team in Real.

Those who are waiting to see Neymar beckoning the white jersey of Real Madrid, Real Madrid himself gave the bad news to themselves. Real Madrid's official website blamed TVE's report as fake. Realizing that there is no such plan for Real, their website, "The news has sent the Real Madrid proposal to PSG for Neymar," the club confirmed that the news was false, the news was false. There is no proposal to the Real PSG or the player. Real Madrid is wondering how Spain's official television gives such wrong information. Where the contact with the concerned party proved to be false. '
The Neymar-Real waters in the World Cup dynamo are far away from what it is.


he is a favourite player of all time.

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