Sometimes you've got to try something new.

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Today was supposed to be Taco Friday. We normally go out to get some tacos after work. To tell the truth, I was really looking forward to having some tacos today.

Sometimes working at a restaurant can get pretty boring, so you start to imagine what things you could do when you leave. Tacos are often on my mind. I love them.


However, even though I had made plans to get some tacos with some of my friends, things didn't work out as planned.

A certain person didn't want tacos. It was colder today than usual even though it is still summer. It's kind of rainy and dreary out, and gumbo was on a certain individual's mind.

"Gumbo?" I thought. "That ain't tacos."

Gumbo.......I can't remember the last time I had that.

At first I was a little bit frustrated, but then I thought to myself....

"What the hell, why not try the gumbo? Even if it's bad it's just a single lunch."

So where can you get a nice heaping bowl of gumbo?

Central Market.

They had just put out a big fresh metal bowl of gumbo.

A medium sized Bowl which is actually quite large was $5.99.

A half pound of rice was $2.29.

I took a big container and poured the rice into it, and then the gumbo on top of it. It was a lot of food that costed me $8.23.


We sat upstairs in a little area where we could overlook the rest of the store and also see the thunder clouds outside.

It might not have been Taco Friday, but it was a really good time and the food was delicious.

I might have gumbo next time, or even something different.

Sometimes you've got to try something new.

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Have some on a Tuesday just because i like saying Taco Tuesday...


I definitely have them on Tuesday also.

Yeah i am doing like coconut juice.

When we do anything which we like or not it's always a first time for it so we should explore more and keep trying new stuff it may happen that we will get something great from it 😊

Never tried them. Hopefully I'll explore a couple of things on my visit to the US next year

It is good to vary and risk to try new things, Better even when everything goes well.

It was nice that you were willing to try something new and then the something new turned out to be really good. I love when that happens


It's a great feeling. I think I'm going to start going there quite often.

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