DEC + Card Giveaway

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Hello guys
Another Giveaway coming up for you all .

This time I am going to give away to one lucky winner (A Random comment ) the fire beetle card and another winner will get 100 DEC !!

All SBD Rewards from this post will go to @felipejoys in order to grow and sustain the Steem Mosters Duels Club []


Consider me in
I like the site.
Upvoted and resteemed

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Schwiggity schweet! Hook me up with that card! 😁

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I'm in :D

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Count me in

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Congrats you won the card ! I will send it to you shortly!

You just got your free #steemmonsters upvote from - Don't forget to send your next post too.

Play on .club's matchmaking at least 3 times everyday to enter a daily giveaway of 2 SBI shares. You'll also get your regular steem rewards!

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