Final call for participating---Global Graphene Blockchain Devcon in Shanghai

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The first Global Graphene Blockchain Devcon is to be held in Shanghai on May 5th&6th. From the speakers list, we can see the lineup is amazing. Most of the projects in the Graphene blockchain ecosystem from all over the world are involved. Bitshares, EOS, Oraclechain, Dascoin, Crypviser,YOYOW, Gxshares, Cybex, Deex, Magic wallet, token++, Decent, payger, openledger, etc.. As one of the organizers of this conference, I must say it is not easy to invite all of them together, but I am very proud that finally we made it.

More and more people in the industry agree that the competition between different blockchains in the future must be the competition between ecosystems. The main purpose of this conference is to help graphene blockchain ecosystem to establish a nonprofit organization to gather resources and serve various projects, to compete with other leading ecosystems, such as ETH , NEO , and quantum . After all, when a newcomer wants to enter the blockchain industry, or wants to realize his idea, he chooses the blockchain that has better developers' atmosphere or provides better support.

This conference is very different from other blockchain summits. The main highlights are as follows:

First, this conference is Graphene blockchain technology focused, therefore you can find more CTOs here.

Second, this conference has three wonderful round table discussions. The first is the graphene technology round table, which is the technical leader of different graphene project. It will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of graphene technology and the direction of evolution. The second round table is the thematic round table of the bitshares. The main guests are committee members of BitShares, who will discuss the future of the BitShares. The third round table is the EOS round table. The participants are the candidate of the EOS nodes from China, and will discuss the related topics of EOS.

Third, as the sponsor of this conference, bitcrab will announce the establishment of the graphene blockchain application center and the hatching and support program of the graphene blockchain project to help more developers to do projects based on the graphene blockchain.

I will bring more news about the conference, keep tuned~


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广东人民发来贺电,庆祝大会胜利召开! :)


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