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RE: Time To Make STEEM A Huge Success By Dropping The Focus On "Quality"

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Steemit is a social news community and not just like any other social media platform.

Please follow and read articles posted in @steemitblog to know more developments to the platform. It's good to have these apps built on steem but there should be guidelines in using these apps. @steemitblog is raising awareness to this matter and how the public can identify contents made in Steemit and contents made from DApps.

Steemit was envisioned to be a platform for authors. If the above mentioned will come to happen, we're only bringing in many users and not much published quality content for a social news community like Steemit.

While we can bring in many users for DApps, which more likely works like a social media app, contents posted on these apps should be identifiable from contents made in Steemit.

In that sense, steem may be great in value and Steemit won't be referred as broken.


Yeah, Steem is many things, and that is why I love #InformationWar

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