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There is a life cycle for every mortal, time to be born, growing up time and time to grow old. It has been observed that a lot of people have phobia for old age. The few points below could be the reasons for this.

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Fear of been abandoned by family and friends. Most people felt that once they become old, their families and friends will abandon them thereby making them to be lonely.

Fear of becoming ugly as one grows old. Most beautiful women and handsome men felt that once they are getting old, that they won’t be looking good as they use to be when they were young. They won’t attract admiration like before.

Fear of ill health. Most old people suffer from various kinds of sickness and general body weakness. The issue of ill health among old men and women created a lot of fears for the younger ones.

Fear of not eating preferred kinds of food and drinks. It is normal that once one started getting old, doctors will start given advice on what to eat and what not to eat.

The fear of old age has become a nightmare to many people all over the world. If there is any food or drug that can make one not to get old, most people will go for it no matter how much it cost.
Guys what do you think? Are you afraid of getting old? Share your experience or thought with me in the comment box.

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I really like your post..
Thanks for share

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A lot of people even wish that they could grow young for ever, but old age is all about nature and we can't change it, rather we should embrace it. Weldone for bringing up such an idea. Upvoted!

you are right @lamath, thanks for sharing your thought.

I dont really mind about getting older its just a number - happens to all of us! Just accept it and move on I say. Dont waste precious time thinking about it. I do like to think back of all the fun times I had as a teenager and having no responsibilities but hey life goes on!

Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your thought.

Quite an interesting read indeed. Couldn't agree more from all the points listed there in . Upped

Now I can not say, that I am afraid of old age, rather death. Rather ,I'm afraid of a feeble old age, when I have nothing I want, except death. Most of all, I worry about my health in my old age. I want to be able to live on my own, not to depend on my children, not to be tied to a bed, to serve myself.

You are right, the most important thing is to be healthy even at old age. Thanks for sharing your thought.

It is very true everything you say, the truth is that there is a different situation for someone who anguishes him.. cheers!

Thanks for sharing your thought