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It is important to understand that mothers plays a very crucial role in development process of children. Starting from pregnancy a mother continue to bond with her baby in the womb, they share everything together.

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When the child is finally given birth to, the emotional bond continue to grow as in most cases the mother spend longer time with the baby, the mother feed the baby, bath the baby, the mother communicate with the baby in a very special way.

As the child grows up, the mother start coaching the child how to do a lot of things. Even the choice of the school the child attends is largely determined by the mother. The mother ensures that the child catches up with all school activities.

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All the time mother and child shared together keep bonding them and it helps the child’s brain to develop very fast. According to a study conducted by some researchers in University of Washington it was discovered that emotional bond between mother and child play a major role in the development of a child’s brain. Below are some of the findings.

Researchers at the University of Washington found that a secure emotional bond between a mother and child is crucial for the growth of some parts of the brain. After analysing the way a group of mothers related to their children for seven years, the researchers found children who were supported emotionally and had their intellectual needs fulfilled had a 10 per cent larger hippocampus at 13 on average than children whose mothers were emotionally distant. The hippocampus is an area of the brain associated with memory, learning and stress response.

A strong bond with the mother is thought to give a child a sense of security which allows them to explore the world, and the confidence to solve problems. In addition, devoted, attentive mothers tend to help children solve problems, further helping them to reach their potential. You can read more on

Mothers role in their children’s development cannot be over emphasis. Mothers plays a vital role in preparing their children to face the world and achieve their goals.

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Guys what do you think? Is mothers all that important to children’s growth? Join in the conversation by Sharing your thought with me in the comment box.

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Good post, beetwen mother and child there must be a very close relationship @hynet

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Its an interesting post. The bond between mother and child grows with them. Its a life time bond per say. Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks @lamath for sharing your thought.

Very interesting, I have always believed that a mother is the most important thing for the development of a child in general, even if she is a baby or already a teenager, because she can guide him in all aspects! very good post, greetings *

I'm glad you liked it @andreinaabril, very good point you have here, thanks for sharing your thought. I'm glad you visited my blog.