The Scariest Story Ever

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Like most things in this world the end results of something is either good or evil.
Me being a pragmatist I like to see the possible worst outcomes in things as to prepare my mind for all the scenario's.

Recently I was thinking about where this boom in decentralized technologies will take us and I don't see any positive outcome. But I do think the technology will be ground breaking and change the lives of many people all across the world. And make many people the elites of the future.

Where I wish we would go:

I didn't come in into crypto believing in the technology. I don't want to be a slave to the system. And there are very few other opportunities.

In fact I felt BTC will be falling to 0 in the near future just a few weeks before actually buying my first few satosi's. I didn't see the need for a decentralized social media like steemit. In fact I was of social media for 4 year before joining Steemit.

Oh.. How things change.

What I wish for steemit is mass adoption in third world countries, where my upvote could feed an entire family. In Africa even people in mud huts have cellular phones, most will never have a bank accounts. I wish all banks would vanish and transactions would be free and instant, steemit offers this already. But we need a way to convert Steem straight into fiat for it to go main stream. After this I wish governments would slowly fade and all ideologies will die with them. I wish the corrupt payed "revolutionaries" would fade into the history books and never reappear.

I wish we can create steemit accounts for all my students at the primary school I work at. So they can learning to write at a young age and start managing money. Something the establishment doesn't want students to learn.

What would most likely happen?

I suspect a global currency, be it with atomic swaps or simply one currency being forced upon all... The atomic swap might be the most likely scenario at this point, but I won't discount the other scenario. I see a global socialist government where there are no jobs, robots do everything, and everyone is paid by the state. Total censorship of any free speech or criticism of the mega state.

A global safe space of mutli-cultural hell.

All food will be highly processed and animal free, with zero nutritional value. And of course do not forget your implantable hardware wallet. With all your information accessible through a swipe of your hand. Of course you won't be able to move freely without identification. No one will ever get lost again, because we will be tracked by GPS. All our conversations will be recorded and stored. We will have only contact lenses that act as our screens. Everything we see will be saved and stored on a block chain. Incorruptible and immutable.

And finally every socialist or communist state needs a dictator and subsequently the world leader. Perhaps Obama after Trump's assassination or impeachment. Haha, probably not. So where do I these crazy ideas? The book of revelations:

Revelation 13:16-17And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Please note the use of words: IN their right hand. How amazing is it that this technology is now so close. And people with crypto will stand in long lines to get this implanted, because everyone knows the hardest thing of crypto is keeping you keys safe. It would be ideal solution for these people to have it in them.

Think Ian Balina hack and this weeks My Ether Wallet Issues.

Have a wonderful day. And keep on Steeming!

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Thanks for shering your asumptions. It was very smoth to read. And i'm also programmer so i understend your point of view. Good article and keep it that way.


Thank you very much! I love learning to write here, so your words are very incouraging.


I'm glad that i can help :)

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Thank you very much. I always curate my comments. Thank you for what you are doing.

Excellent article


Thanks glad you enjoyed it.

"But we need a way to convert Steem straight into fiat for it to go main stream."

Couldnt agree more to that comment! Giving you a follow, would love if you could follow back! Thanks


Awesome thanks