Fat Acceptance vs. Fat shaming.

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In Japan you won't see fat woman. It's frowned upon severely and they will tell you that you are fat. But here is the liberal western countries we say people are beautiful in their own way. Darn it, if you are about to die, its not pretty, in fact I think you are doing these people an immense injustice by not shaming them. I wish as a school boy I was told your fat instead of saying stupid things like your big boned, slow metabolism or it's just baby fat.

I thank the girl who tuned me about my weight in high school (although she was quite fat as well), it hurt so much then and I remember my face going red. But it stuck with me for so long and I thank her for that now.
It seems counter intuitive to mock someone who is fat. After all they will just go home and drown their sorrows in a bucket of ice cream. But those comments will stay with that child for long and he will know he is not normal until he makes a some changes.

Bullying is a hot topic now, should we get rid of it should we stop it on the playground when encountered. I think bullying is natural and there is not one child who doesn't get bullied. Believe me I work with children, they can take it. But systemic bullying like physical violence is where I would step in. In fact I would go as far as to say it strengthens their personalities. One should be able to stand up for oneselves.

I talk here from experience. I wish my parents talked to me about the health implications of being fat. And I wish they did their research to see what could help. But I am old enough to make my own decisions now and I have been on Ketosis for 3 months and already lost 10% of my BW. I will finish this year on the program and if the results are astounding ill probably change my lifestyle forever. The best is I have not worked hard on my fitness at all. But today I played touch rugby again and I am immensely impressed with my performance. I am faster and more agile than ever. Probably because of less weight but my stamina is also quite awesome.

Stop the endless cravings and struggles with your weight and start a Ketosis and intermittent fasting lifestyle today, this is the secret we have all been kept away from. Get rid of all kinds of ailments and thrive. Join me on the #waroncarbs, because the establishment doesn't want you happy, healthy or off their prescriptions drugs. Give them the finger and save thousands of fiat. Don't be fooled by the Vegan propaganda or what I like to call grainetarians. You see grain is the most subsidized product in America. They are able to sell it under production value, because of the states help.

I hope for you good health and a lovely week ahead

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