Billy and Teddy, the terrible twins- A short story with a lesson

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Billy and Teddy were terrible twins. They loved playing tricks on everyone and then they laughed so much that they nearly cried. 

Everyone in town was tired of the twins.

One day they took Mrs Miller's cat and dyed him blue. She was furious with them, but they only laughed and ran away. On one occasion they hid Mr Tyler's teeth and he could not eat for a week. 

Once they even hid the church bell and on Sunday the minister scolded them in front of the whole church, but they thought it was very funny. 

On another occasion they mixed up the medicine in the pharmacy and that had dire consequences. 

The stories were endless but they just kept on making jokes because they thought it was very funny.    

Billy and Teddy's father was desperate to make them stop. Everyday someone came to the house to complain about what they had done. He had tried punishing them, but just the next day they played another trick on someone else. 

He decided to play a trick on the two boys. This might teach them a lesson. They needed some of their own medicine.   

He went to the pharmacy and bought a bottle of hair remover, and then replaced the shampoo in the bottle with hair remover.  

That evening when they went upstairs to take a bath, they didn't suspect a thing. He could hear them laughing and talking about the poor dog they tied to a tree that day.  

He went downstairs and sat waiting for the boys to come downstairs.  It wasn't long before he heard the screams upstairs. Billy and Teddy did not think it was funny.  Once they dried their hair, their hair fell out and they were both completely bold. 

They ran downstairs screaming and crying, but their father just laughed.  They were very angry with their father, but he made them sit down in front of him to explain what had happened. 

"The way that you feel now, is the same way you make people feel when you play tricks on them.  Your hair will grow back in time, but the scars you leave on people might never go away. Do you understand what I'm saying here?

The twins felt awful. They both nodded, and they felt very sorry for everything they had done. They promised never to play tricks on anyone ever again. 

Everyone in town laughed when they saw the hairless twins, but they could see the change in them.  Instead of playing tricks, they started helping people. They soon became the most helpful kids in town.  

Their hair grew back soon, but they never forgot the lesson they learned that day.  





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amazing story man...

moral story, the lesson i learn from it is that we should treat any body just like that we want for us,Thank u so much for short story

Awesome lesson to learn! Nice writing!

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Excellent lesson for all friend @giantbear, sometimes it is hard to learn by own experience, the easiest is to always do good and lead life respecting everyone. Congratulations and blessings.