My Steem token report! It was a great month!

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Well the month is almost over. So it is time to see how my steem tokens are doing!
At the beginning of the month my tokens were worth $60.83 or 457 steem.


It looks like the investment keeps on growing. Now at the moment of writing I have staked tokens for a total value of $76.59 or 547 STEEM. That is an increase of 90 steem, which is almost as much as I do earn these days with a month of Author rewards!

Of the 15 tokens I am tracking for myself, 8 did increase in value. These are: LEO, Battle, NEOXAG, TRDO. SPT, ZZAN, INT and BEER. The increase in value of LEO is for me personal great. At the moment my LEO holdings are worth $26.21 or 187 steem. This is something that is created by just blogging. No investments were made in any tokens. Which of course does raise the question if the value will hold up or if the tokens market is a bubble which could explode within a short period of time! Most tokens doesn’t have anything to back up these values. It is just pride of people who want to be the biggest which does keeps the value of the tokens up!
In this aspect it is important that these tribes does attract new people staking them. Here we do see that the general tribes (supporting all kind of content) did had a great month! Leo did increase it’s user base with 2514 account, PAL (while the price of PAL keeps on dropping) was capable off adding another 4348 accounts! PAL is by far the tribe with the most token holders, with 12562 accounts. Of Course NEOXAG couldn’t stay behind and did attract 3221 new accounts!

It is also great to see that the BEER token once again did increase in value! With my complete holding I would be capable of buying myself some beer! 😊

Most of my holding % did stay the same. Also with the BEER token my holding did decrease from 0.0809% towards 0.0758%. I am the one to blame for this. I haven’t written as much comments as normal. And BEER is often rewarded for writing a comment!


Here is the complete overview!

Are you keeping a record of your Token holdings? If so which is the most important TOKEN for you?


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Nice progress. The amount of Sports tokens you have (and the increase last month) is also quite spectacular!
I also track (some of) my token holdings in my weekly progress report. AFITX is my most valuable token right now, followed by LEO.

Keep on growing!

Step by step!

Tribes are another fun aspect of the Steem BC.
A lot of this tokens will probably go to dust, but some may do something.
LEO and SPORTS have some volume at least.

Looks like Sports took a dive! Curious if it will rebound but I doubt it!

LEO and SPORTS , those are for me the important ones


For some reason I can't read that chart of yours but it sounds like you did great. I have been meaning to continue my token versus token analysis, having only looked into Sports and STEM mo the ago. To be honest I think most of these are bubbles, some will grow bigger than others but they really have no need. I can blog about these topics without using the tags and still get rewards, there isn't a need asides from making early adapters rich. #Jahm or the reggaesteem tribe is the only one I really like because they promised to give stakeholders a free stay in Jamaica with various conditions. You can sell, flip, stake, invest, speculate in their token just like the others but there are also real world incentives. I also like some of the casino tokens but you know that.

Best of luck and don't take this as financial advice, I am not recommending anything.

Financial advice not taken :)

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Greetings friend @fullcoverbetting.

I congratulate you on those green cells that you show us in your table.

I find it interesting that you take that detailed control of your token holdings.

I particularly like the LEO token. Since its launch, this platform called me a lot, mainly because of the thematic choice for articles published using its label. They are very similar to my publishing trends.

Thanks for sharing.

All best, Piotr.