A new steemit milestone, the world cup, keep engaging

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I was hoping that it would happen this week and it come sooner than I did imagine!
But from now on, I am the proud owner of reputation 55! I know that it doesn't mean anything but still it makes me proud. I did need 173 days to achieve this goal! There are only 11472 steemians with a higher reputation. Now I do have the rep to get on trending :), now I only need to find the quality!

Keep engaging

We see if often and before. When the value of Steem drop, also the activity on the blockchain drops.
I can understand it for the ones who are here only for the short gains, but for the ones who are planning to be here for the long term is it just stupid decision!
People only look at the value of the postings in US dollar, while they should look at the value of the postings in Steem, Steem Power and SBD!
If the value of the upvotes in US dollar decreases, the price of Steem also decreases!
If the value of the upvotes in US dollar increases, the price of Steem also increases!
So, in both scenarios there will only a small difference in Steem you can earn with a post. A post with a value now of 1 US dollar, will give you as much steem, as post with a $2 value 1 month ago!
So don't be fooled and engage, interact and post! At the moment, you can even buy more Steem on the market for your Steem Backed Dollars!!!!!
I will go full force this week. It will be a lot easier to get noticed and making some connections! My personal record was 383 comments in a week, and I am planning to crush this record!

World cup!

Yesterday evening Belgium did play their last friendly against Costa Rica. Okay, not the most appealing country in the world, but Belgium was World Class.
I know that this doesn't mean anything for the upcoming world cup, but it shows that they are hungry and do want to make the best of it!
Also I was surprised by my Dutch Co-workers! As a Belgian working in the Netherlands it will be a great (at least) 2 weeks! You should now already that I am always in for some friendly banter and a little bit of teasing.
So, I did leave them a present for this morning!

To my surprise it was still hanging there when I did arrive at the office :)
Not only the work place has been decorated but also the house! So, yes we are ready for it!

This all maybe look strange to you all. But I do live in a city with loss of different nationalities. Probably the decorating the house thing was started by the Italian community. So normally we would flags all over the city, but this year only 3 different types: Belgium, Spain and Morocco! We are not seeing any Italian, Dutch, Greek or Turkish flags! I will show you a celebration next week, if we did win against Panama, you will be surprised!

Keep the faith,

Sports Bettors On Steemit Unite and Join the SBC !


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Congratulations! 55 looks good next to your name. Without even knowing you will wear the 60 on your blogging profile :)

Thanks. But going to 60 won't be achieved for the end of the year. Each level is double as hard as the previous one. So, it will take time. But like I wrote, I don't care about rep, but other unfortunately do!

Congrats on 55... 60 is just around the corner. The best time to accumulate steem is when prices are low lol. Hope those Belgium flags stay on up there for a long time.

Thanks @numpypython
60 just around the corner? I have been told that each level is twice as hard to reach as the previous one! So, it will take some time!

Yeah it does get harder... i definitely noticed a difference after 58.

I was only watching it because I was close to 55. Next time I will notice it, is probably when I am close to 56.
Step by step :)

Congrats Peter!

But why are you tormenting your Dutch coworkers? 😁

Since January I am already telling them that it is going to be a great summer :)

When we increase our reputation, we have the feeling we making progress here! ;)
Congratulations for this nice accomplishment!
Bravo pour avoir atteint réputation 55. :)

It indeed is more a feeling thing than something with value :)

Great milestone and upcoming goals. I agree with you on the value of steem, I'm looking to buy more at these levels.

Only bought some small pieces and I am doubting if I am going to do it now. The plus is that there is no other blockchain that I do know as good as Steem. The con is that I do know it well and do see some of its pitfalls.

Congrats with the rep achievement! I looked that up too, a while ago (when I reached 60) where you can see how many have a higher rep.. but I forgot where.. maye you can tell me as you have just made this post :) Engaging is really important, indeed.. enjoy the worldcup, I still need to fill in my predictions for the contest here on Steemit so thanks for the reminder!

Appear that your are doing great. Only 3268 ahead of you!
Don't forget to pick Belgium for the contests :)

Congrats dude, keep on rocking!!
Grtz, D.

Congrats on the milestone. I’m at like 56.96, so I’m excited. Will reach another level soon :0)

The less SteemIt is worth, the fewer people are putting in an effort. As a result, the chances on your posts getting seen are bigger. I want to increase my rep score before the price spikes and this place will be flooded again.

I haven’t seen the match (girlfriend doesn't like to watch soccer, and I’m not such a fanatic to lose quality time over a soccer game.)
I did peek at one point, and saw it was 4-1. I don’t even know the final score, to be honest.
Did you see Asher has predicted Belgium would beat England? Since he’s English, I think that’s a great compliment :0)

And as for our Dutch friends: I noticed a lot of them started supporting us after not qualifying themselves (hahaha, sorry, leedvermaak ;0P )
I think that’s a generous gesture.
I’m not sure we would do the same if it was the other way around ;0)

For sure we wouldn’t support the Dutch national team. That isn’t written in our DNA! Just like most of them won’t support the German national team!
When Belgium isn’t there I always go for Portugal 🤔
The next 2 weeks football will rule the house. My wife will probably watch netflix on the ipad 😁 She doesn’t he chance with 3 men in the house!

From rep 60, tou probably will be famous! And you are almost there!
It is true that it will get easier to get noticed! And we should try to focus on it!

Hamg in there Mike and tell the girlfriend that it is a matter of life and death to at least see the Red Devils play 😂

I’ll try to remember that last line. Will let you know if it worked :0)
And of course we would go for Portugam: we are zmart people, hahaha

Could give you another one, but mmh kids are maybe also reading this :)

hi @fullcoverbetting

Great piece of work. Easy to read.

11472? How did you manage to check that number? Im very curious. share that info with me please :)

When the value of Steem drop, also the activity on the blockchain drops.

Absolutely. It's the best time for those who are still active to get some exposure. Dont you think?


Thanks Piotr!
It comes from mysteemitfriends.online. There you can find a numorious amount of rankings!

If you are here for the long term it will not matter what the value of Steem is. I will explain this is a post today or tomorrow!


hi man

thx. never knew about this tool. Im nr 5425 :) not so bad yeyeye

If you are here for the long term it will not matter what the value of Steem

Im looking forward to read your new post. Is it this one? "Why you should keep on blogging although the value of steem is low(er). Reward pool explained!"

thx for reply. and have a great weekend @fullcoverbetting