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RE: My thoughts on HF20, RCs, SMTs, and the future of Steem <contest enclosed>

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With the redelgation of steem RC's its now a lot easier to comment than it was yesterday, where it took me around 6 hours to recharge a post or comment and surely a lot longer for others if they had enough SP to even utilize the function.

Right now I'm looking at some D-apps myself that utilize steem on a significant basis to interact with users.

Steemhunt, Fundition, Steemmonsters Dtube, Steem-bounty Steemitboard are just a few examples of Apps that need delegation if RC stays to high.

With the 10x though they might be able to do fine though however I feel they are still worth the mention.


I did see a few days ago that @steemitboard was struggling, but they may be okay now with the new RC levels and cost structure. Maybe @arcange can weigh in if he's not too busy.

The others I hope will be okay, but I about I'm not as familiar with the operating model for steemhunt and steembounty.

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For hunt it is more about users not being able to vote and participate in hunts, though they can still get the airdrop, the problem was more around creating hunt posts and upvoting which is fixed now. For steem-bounty it is an engagement based bounty system and would not have problems post hard-fork.
Only one that might have issues is steemitboard since they aim at all users with notifications that said delegation will resolve that. It's short 17100 SP.
( We still need at least 17100 SP to be able to operate as before HF20.)

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