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RE: Busy v2 Final Updates, Pivot Strategy And Plan For Busy v3 MVP And Token, Team Update & Partnership

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Oh wow, these are HUGE news. I can barely wrap my mind around all these new possibilities you will create with Busy v3.0. It will become a hub for Steem activities and integrating tools like Steemworld and Steemnow as well as BitShares for example and Steemmonsters gives a total new universe of utility. It will be better than AliBaba and WeChat combined (big in China) which are used for everything. But on blockchain. I love this concept and see a glorious future for this. Well done and good thinking. This could be what Steem needs and make Busy the number one platform in front of Steemit. Let's make this a huge network that brings all this new technology in one spot.

I am developing a gamified curating system called 1UP for Steem and we will have our own interface. I could imagine integrating into Busy like that! People will be able to give 1UP-votes to content while browsing through Busy which will trigger huge upvotes for the best content.


One question @flauwy, when do you expect to start 1UP?, I'm very interested in your proyect.

The development started yesterday and we will be online at some point before SteemFest in November.

Thank you for the answer, I think this autumn Steemit will be onfire.

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