Random Architecture for Sublime Sunday

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These photos come from a folder I have in my laptop called "architecture." We used to have a steem contest for that topic and I used to enter weekly.

Looking at these photos now tells me why I never won. Some of them don't seem to even qualify for the tag.

Swimming in the pool at my Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Condo.
sublime Arch fitinfun 38985.jpg

Here is the long view.
sublime Arch fitinfun 39168.jpg

The stairwell I stood in to take those two shots above looks just like this.
sublime Arch fitinfun 72312.jpg

The tops of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Towers at dusk.

I was in another building waiting on an appointment and the camera is on the glass.
sublime Arch fitinfun 06843.jpg

A little sun-house on top of another KL building below.

sublime Arch fitinfun 45684.jpg

A spooky alley in Coronado California. The island is a completely haunted place I am glad is in my rear view.
sublime Arch fitinfun alley railing San Diego dark.jpg

Another KL building trying to look like it is in England.
sublime Arch fitinfun 39608.jpg

How to get a massage in the Hua Lumpong Train Station Portico, Bangkok Thailand. It was 200 thb ($6 usd) for 20 minutes.
sublime Arch fitinfun 56329.jpg

Or you could go in here and wait for your train.
sublime Arch fitinfun 90277.jpg

Bangkok Sunrise reflection

sublime Arch fitinfun IMG_2181.JPG

Laundry day is every day in Bangkok.
sublime Arch fitinfun IMG_2045.JPG
I think the Elephant building in Bangkok looks like a duck.
sublime Arch fitinfun Elephant building bangkok thailand fitinfun.JPG

Going down in the Bangkok MRT. I have 100's of these shots since I took the subway often.
sublime Arch fitinfun IMG_0317.JPG

Don Mueang Airport Temple from Don Mueang Airport
sublime Arch fitinfun Don Mueng Airport temple architechural fitinfun.JPG

Hmm... Not impressed. They would be better if I could process them, but not by much.

Luckily, my post today is for Sublime Sunday by @c0ff33a where you can post any random thing you want to. This is not completely random, but it sure seems like it.

= =

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😍 WOW, great post! (I'll read it better later...) 👍🏽


Well, thank you very much! I found it discouraging, so thank you for the boost!

Cool pool

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The elephant building does look like a duck! I can totally see that. These are fantastic architecture photographs, so much variety and a world of places to see - interesting.

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nice post mom i love these photos! The building does look like a duck...

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haha! howdy fitinfun! why did you find this post discouraging, I liked it and found it interesting. what was haunted about that one place in CA?