Boarding my plane to Thailand soon

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Here I sit at Gate L10 at klai2 waiting to get on the flight to Bangkok. I'm a bit early thanks to my new and never to be seen again friend from the UK, Ben.

Ben stepped up to help me get my stuff up on the security belt when he saw me struggling.

He was on a student Visa in China and got kicked out due to the beer virus. So he is on his way to Bali now for some fun. Then he will meet up with his parents in Thailand and figure out what to do next.

Ben found wheelchairs and pushed me all the way to the gate. Even though he needed to be in the "P" section, they let him push me here. He had time, and went well out of his way for me today.

As soon as the Air Asia check in staff got here, I let them know that I am disabled. So now they have moved my seat to the front of the plane and will help me get on board last here. They emailed Bangkok,and someone will get me off the plane, through security and to a taxi. So I will be in the fast VIP lane. That is a big deal at Don Meuang airport where the security lines are tragic.

Good thing I got a bunch of drugs before I left Wangsa Maju. The airport bus had a huge first step, and even with two big men trying to help me, I still fell and really hurt my left knee. But that is another story and seems long ago except for the throbbing.

Legs are leaking like sieves. I cannot wait to be in a bed.

About 40% of people are masked up in this airport. It is most definitely empty compared to other times I have flown in and out.

I'm on the free wifi for 24 hours that you get at klai2.

Here we go. On the flight now. Will check in again soon.


Hello fitinfun!

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Please take care!

Have fun on your journey! Sorry to hear about your legs.

take care sister

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