Early Sommerloch

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I usually do not write in German on this blog.
Some German words have been directly integrated into English, though.
Kindergarten, Gesundheit, Meister ...

I do not know how these things work, but I propose you pick up:


I tried to find an English word, that describes the same phenomenon.
I found the translations:

  • summer slump
  • silly season

The most obvious effect of Sommerloch is that the news have nothing important to report about.
In Germany during the hot season, everything seems to slow down.
This is not reduced to politics, but affects the stock market, work, post and parcel services ... everything ...

Due to the unusually hot May, I feel like we experienced an early Sommerloch.
I certainly did.

Today is a bit colder and I found the time to write a small piece.
Maybe we can make the word Sommerloch stick.
I encourage you to use it.

Meanwhile, I try to make the most of the weather and hope you do the same.

Enjoy the Sommerloch


Puhh tell me about it. This weather in Germany is much warmer than expected. Slowing both me and my bike down:)!

Right now we have Eisheilige. Be prepared. Frost isn't unusual, but unlikely this year.
It will end next week and the nice weather will pick up again.

Safe travels !

Actually today it's much colder than the last week. But as long it's not raining or snowing then I'm a happy man:) haha!

jaja die tückischen Eisheiligen :D

What you call summer is called "bad weather" here :D

Well, the last few days were pretty rainy.
But today it's beautiful again!
Not too hot and not too cold.

Do you mean, that you become less productive the better the weather gets?

Do you mean, that you become less productive the better the weather gets?

I just do different activities.

We call it Slump season (Sezona krastavaca)



Sounds interesting. Lemme play with it

I feel the sommerloch
Rising like eastern wind
It casts a blank on the road
And causes a damp on smiles

I hear the sommerloch
In the dry talk on the news
Children bored, kicking stones
Fathers staring at the cloud

I see the sommerloch
In the slow moments of stocks
The forced smile of the sun
And the boring poem I write

What do you think?

There will be plenty of Eurozone news when Italy gets a new government...

Americans don't need a word for it; they have airco and no holidays, so they keep going in the summer. :)

Here the last days are a lot of summer.
We hope soon that the days are rainy and thus will be more productive!

Luckily no summer here. Just raining and dry season

I am in Sommerloch for sure. Drawing is much better when it is cold and dark. All this light!

@felixxxx, great work the Early Sommerloch in Germany my friend

Is that the same as Sauregurkenzeit ?

Nope it's a completely different thing.
Sauregurkenzeit is the time when all the food stock is eaten up during winter. When there is nothing left but "saure Gurken" (or mixed pickles).

It is now used to describe every kind of bad times ahead, where you have to restrain yourself in unusual ways.

Wikipedia says that was the original meaning, but people ironically applied it to the summertime when business was slow:

Heute wird so unter Geschäftsleuten scherzhaft die Zeit des Hochsommers genannt, in der die meisten Leute Ferien machen und daher stille Geschäftszeit herrscht. Da sich zu dieser Zeit auch in Politik und Kulturleben wenig ereignet, wurde der Begriff vom Journalismus übernommen, um die nachrichtenarmen Wochen des Sommers zu bezeichnen, in denen die Seiten der Zeitungen häufiger als sonst mit nebensächlichen und kuriosen Meldungen gefüllt werden (die Verwendung ist also ähnlich der des „Sommerloches“).

The Dutch equivalent is 'komkommertijd' (cucumber time), which is usually explained as the time when fresh cucumbers are harvested. According to my dictionary, it's translated from English, where it's fallen out of use, but I think it's more likely to be derived from Gurkenzeit.

Hahaha thanks for the info! :)

During the little research that I did for this post, I encountered that word.
I suppose they are similar ... I had never seen it before.

I am your new follower nice to meet you

Nice to meet you, too :)

Sommerloch sounds like a meal 🤣 with lots of sommerloch 🥔🌽🥕

I like how German words get used in English. There are not many compared to the thousands of French words. Yesterday I found here on steemit: abseiling.

There are not many compared to the thousands of French words.

Excuse me, but:

Anglo / Saxon is part of the germanic languages to begin with; Most English words share a common origin with German words. Also I would say that half of the words most people identify as 'French' are originally Latin ....

Anyways ... I agree, I like how they integrated some German words, especially in the states, especially words that Jewish immigrants brought with them. ( Spiel for example )

In spite English originates from Germanic language so many words look like French words and only a few like German. Learning English you always can relay on French vocabulary.

In Germanic.
spite French ( Originally Latin )
English Germanic / Roman Latin
originates Latin
from Germanic
language French ( Originally Latin )
so Germanic ( literally German)
many Germanic
words Germanic
look Germanic
and Germanic

... I think I have proven my point.
French language only made it into the British kitchen really :P

It really triggers me, when people see 'french origins' to a word, when really it is a common origin in Latin ( Italian ) language they recognize.

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