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Nobody called in for the beem workshop in Berlin today.
That is great, because I am not in Berlin.
I will arrive on Tuesday, instead.

However, this is also a reply to @emrebeyler's post.
He shows how to correctly use beem.

For what the script is doing, I find it awfully complicated.
Here is the version for semantically challenged people like me:

from beem.steem import Steem
from beem.account import Account

s = Steem(node=[''], keys=['5xxx'])

account1 = 'you'
account2 = 'sockpuppet'

downer = Account(account2, s)

much = downer.get_balance('total','VESTS')

downer.set_withdraw_vesting_route(account1, account = account2, auto_vest = True)

downer.withdraw_vesting(much, account = account2)

This script will not only change the vesting_route (where to send a power down), it will also find out, how much VESTS (Steem Power) the account has and automatically initiate to power all of it down.

It is about as long as emre's script.
Obviously, there is good reason, why he sticks to good coding practice.
My version above is no good for github.

Perhaps it gives you an easier start with beem, though - depending on where you are coming from.

Writing this post took me longer than figuring out how to do these simple operations with beem; Before, I had tried the same thing with steem-python for some hours until I gave up.

Check out beem:

I think it is the easiest tool to do some 'advanced' transactions on the Steem blockchain.

Thanks @holger80 (& @xeroc)

You can also vote @holger80, @emrebeyler and myself, @felixxx as witnesses, here:

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Meh, I dont agree mine is conplicated but that was a poc code at the end of the day.

Key is knowing/finding the right function for the job :)


Meh, I dont agree mine is conplicated

I had to look at it twice.


How the fuck do you have a higher reputation than me ? :D
I have to step up my game.


Let's have a bet about who will go to rep (70) first.


To test a function and see if and how it works, this code is easier.
For example, the error will pop up in the correct line of code and not diagonally across a function :D

I like it! Pretty complicated though, keep finding good coding for steem. :D


This is about as easy as it gets.

If you gathered more practice coding, you could probably read this like plain text ;)


Look who is complicated now :D