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RE: Using Steemify to stay up to date about the blockchain (like project Destiny). Please consider @blockbrothers for your witness vote.

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You can pick and choose what you want to be notified about. So you can use it for just important things!


even having already ginabot and the notifications from partiko and steepshot? do You think it is worth it?

I use it everyday, couldn't function without it.

If you follow multiple accounts it's even better. Saves a lot of time.

You can always try it. It's for free in the app store.

I might give it a look :P ehehhe

Hey @sergiomendes,

I'm new here and cannot figure out how to make SteepShot work and I can't find much on google of steemit.. Any chance you could help me out?

I made a few posts but they only appear in SteemIt, still says 0 post in SteepShot.. (On android, so I use the web version..)

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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