Wednesdaywalk: Work Plus Relaxation

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Walking is my hobby when I have lots on my mind. Or rather, walking is the only option when I can't afford to pay for a 1.2km distance. I rather exercise my body trekking. Lol. Talking about trekking, I think it is different from walking. I will give my reasons if you choose to know in the comments section below.

I started off my day dubbing a customised Steemit gear I made. Then I hit the road for journey to my destination. On the way, after I alighted from the tricycle I boarded, I decided to trek the remaining little distance to the site. I took these shots below using my infinix HOT5 phone.

This is a church building.

Me trying out a selfie along my way.

Thereafter, I saw my Mannequin friends on a display Case. I couldn't resist the urge to say hi to them.

They are ready for a party. 😂


When I got to the major road, I saw this heavy traffic.

I guess everyone was in a hurry here.

I also took some shot of this nice flower



This is my contribution to @tattoodjay's #wednesdaywalk challenge. To join in the fun, check out his today's post here.

My signout message is:

Life Is Not a Plate to be Emptied, but a Bowl to Be Filled.



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Wonderful walk or Trek so much of interest to see thanks for taking us along



Thanks so much. I call walking without a transportation fare trekking 😀.

Thanks for the tip too.

Hm, something went wrong with the comment, but I think I`ve managed to send the tip ;)


Thanks so much.

I appreciate

Looks like a great Wednesday walk.
Thank you for sharing your walk with us @emjoe


Thanks for coming around @joalvarez.

I am glad you enjoyed me walking you through my day.

Dig the shirt man!