My Strategies To Get Up-votes And Supports From Others On Steemit.

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Steemit is a community base platform

There is nothing more importance than community when you are talking about Steemit platform. Steemit is built base on community involvement, and steemit will no longer exist without community, the stronger community we have the power this platform will gain.

As it is community base platform, and we are as the part of it community, hence, we need to socialize to be involved partially or generally. Every single member plays significant role to build this community to be stronger and stronger.

It is easy to be part of this platform as long as we realize that each one of us is the member of this platform. Talking about the member of this platform meant to be actively involved and socialize one another, support and encourage others to create comfortable atmosphere on this platform.

Steemit is a community base platform and each member would be able to get financially supported by posting good quality material/article and build connection with other user in order to get supported.
I am fully aware for what I am writing on this post, because I am one of steemit member/user. For me this platform not only support me financially but also about supporting others. From the first day on this platform until today I have learned to be involved as a community. I expect support in form of upvote and comment for every single post I made.

My strategy to gain support and up-votes

1. Make Good Connection

It is very important aspect because I will never be recognized if I am not connected with other steemit user, hence, I will never get support and upvote. Connection mean knowing each other on steemit and some of them are friends in real world as well. Especially, connection with the user who has strong voting weight will imply bigger on up voting value. It does not matter how many articles I post in a day, if I do not have any people who are connected with me, the chance to get upvote is very small. My strategy to get connection with them is by follow and encourage them in relevant comment and support them with my upvote as maximum as possible. It is not really easy to get connection with people if I did not read their article.

2. Involved in community

Community is able to help, support and encourage me to know more people and interact with them as a friend. This way help me with tremendous amount of support, I have proofed it many times. My involvement in several communities has given me a lot of support in a form of voting, lessons, and knowledge. Participating in a contest like this one is also one of my strategies to increase support and involve in larger community. I have been participating in few contests from #steemitcommunity and other community, I have won and lost but I got more visibility and support from other participants.

3. Produce good and high quality contents

Produce good quality contents is also my strategy to get support and up-vote from other steemit user. People will what I post on my blog, if I post something not really worst to spend time to read, why would they waste time to read and waste their voting weight for me?. That is the reason why I don’t give priority on quantities but quality post. Meanwhile, I have got up-vote from @curie and her team for high quality post. I must produce more exceptional post if I want to get more support from her or other user.

4. Improve communication skill

The way of communication is the key for getting more supports and finally up-votes from other. I train myself to improve my communication skill, and learn how people communicate with other appropriately. I build my communication skill to increase the traffic on to my post, communication is not only chat on discord channel, but the way I provide information on my post. Communicative post makes my blog is visited by other user because I always try to provide detail information, and easy to understand. How to make communicative blog and get more traffic to your blog? You can find the answer on @paulag udemy course, I have applied it on my post.

5. Support Others Steemian

If you never support other steemian you barely have chance to get supporter for your blog. This steemit platform is a platform to let you interact with other in form of up-votes and encouraging comments. I regularly visit other steemit user post that has been connected with me and manually curate the post as an appreciation for their effort of making that good post. Many times I check for quality content posts to learn and encourage them in comments. Good quality post will provide me more knowledge on how to make better post of my own.


Helping each other will make difficult task easier

I have been on steemit for some times, I have got many supports and up-votes from all around the world, some of them has become close friends. I am truly blessed to have friend and supporter like you, thank you very much for the greatest supporter @sagescrub who had delegated 500 SP for more than 2 week as I supposed to have.

And millions of thanks for you all of my friends, I can be at this stage because of you. I would not be able to survive without your support and up-votes.

With my best regard


Hope for the best and prepare for the worst


well... you formulated a great strategies and you must stick to that strategies for sure. too bad that internet connection always a problem for you. anyway... change your one day for postinga and another for engaging. do it simultaneously if you can, because more of our community really love to engaging. and I think if you have time, you should participate on pifc too... not just sponsorship but also create a curation post, because it will give you more chance to know other and more support too.

well.. it's gonna be tough.. again .. internet connection, and I hope that you'll keep joining any great contest to share your experience with us. Good Luck and Thanks for sharing.

Thank for your advice, I think yes I must participate in PIFC when I have chance to do so, but meanwhile I need to organize my schedule first. again, thank for your support kak @cicisaja

I always remember what i found first at steemit page, come for reward stay for the community, so that.. the keyword is ENGAGEMENT

Yes you are very right cupo @rayfa, happy to stick with you in this community, engagement is key point of every single community

Hi @el-nailul, thank you for your participation in the "Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest".

I am the one who need to say thank you @legendchew for you contest, wish you all the best and bright future

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