I thought he was my friend.

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Roberto, a very curious child, said no to no one, he was involved in everything and wanted to help everyone, his parents moved to Maracay and there he met Leo, they were not very friendly but they lived close by and they studied at the same school and they greeted each other but until then, as the years passed and Roberto never sees Leo again, his parents decide to move back to Caracas and by a great chance in life Leo lived in the same place, They start to share and become friends he does not like the situation of the country and was a lover of money, ambitious he goes to Colombia did not lose contact with Roberto always spoke on Facebook and whatsapp told him to go to Colombia that he got him a job every day he insisted until Roberto decides, leaves his career and regardless of the pain of his parents leaves.

When Leo arrived in Colombia Leo received him they were going to eat and everything is wonderful, Leo had a car, a motorbike, all the possible comforts which in Venezuela it was impossible to have, he lent him the car and only said "take this parcel" he gave him a suitcase and Roberto took it, when he returned he gave him his good pay and he did not talk about it but Roberto curious as always asked what they were working on and Leo said that they were a parcel service, "A package arrives and we take it to a home" that helped him not to ask any more questions, every 3 days they would make deliveries and Roberto would send money to his parents, everything was happiness, but one day Leo tells Roberto that a wrong package arrived and we have to take it to Spain, that they were imported talcum powder, he excitedly calls his parents to tell them, and tells them about Leo who was a good friend.

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One day after the trip Roberto was impatient, he got his things ready, they brought him the talcum powder, he kept them and he started on his way to the airport, he arrived at the gilded one and they checked his ticket but they noticed something strange and they asked him to check his suitcase, then they proceeded to check the talcum powder, they took one out, they tested him and he tested positive for cocaine, Roberto laughs, he doesn't believe what they say and asks him to check another and cash, Roberto breaks down in tears and you could only hear him saying that my friend could not do this to me, he is sentenced to 30 years and Leo did not appear, he who thought he was his friend and was helping him betrayed him, one of many cases, the ambition, luxury and power can be more than a friendship, after 3 years of the sentence was proven that Roberto had been deceived and could get out Leo was later captured and died in prison.

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Buenos día da saludos desde Venezuela hasta luego

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