Price Changes Always Bring DRAMA

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Hey Everyone dRAMA here from the drama project.

While BTC certainly is being dramatic isn't it?

At the drama project our view is on the future and as new people look to find ways to get into crypto, I expect we will have an influx of new users.

The Steem-Engine Team is working hard to improve the functionality of Tokens and projects continue to pop up everywhere.

What we are doing up to know is mostly testing and here is what I have learned.

Everyone understands Internet Drama. I am proud to bring it to Steem.

We need volume and liquidity on Steem-Engine to improve value, but we are doing great with name recognition and the fun factor.

Only a few grumpy souls dislike the drama project. Our blacklist is up and running!

Get ready for the bull run... If you weren't here for the last one it can be pretty DRAMATIC

See you on the blockchain

You must hold 10 DRAMA

To award DRAMA type

!dramatoken --- Alone on a line.

The person who calls the bot does not give away their own DRAMA rather they issue a new one!

DRAMA trades at




In my opinion, this is dramatic.

Frankly speaking, I like dRAMA project and have been slowly accumulating the drama token via market & at times being a dramatist.
People who haven't been on this Journey are really missing the fun & will regret when the dRAMA starts its bull run & there won't be any stopping. Three cheers to the dRAMA project. :-)

I lost everything with dramatoken... it was all FOMO..


there's no buyers for my other shit-tokens!!!


who designed this monster logo? It's cute!

I still haven't even used mine yet. Guess I haven't fallen into the habit of thinking about it yet. And I don't wanna give Drama unless they're like deserving. Don't wanna cause Drama by giving it wrong. :P

hahaha, yes I get very dramatic about that....

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Thank you for bringing Drama to Steem!

greetings, dramatoken

Let me know if I'm correct, please. I keep 10 tokens and type!! Dramatoken in isolated line and get upvote, right ??

How many times can I do this every day ??

If I get upvote, do I keep the same dramatokens or are they being "burned" ??

Does it make a difference to have more or less dramatokens to receive higher or lower vote ??

Thank you

  • 1 to see the detail explanations)

error --> you need authorise bot
more detailes here

My dRama fell in price. I'll sue I tell you, I'll sue the imaginary creature with horns and a single eye.

Hey Dramatoken,

Are you considering taking in delegations? I've been delegated for over a month now; and you did compensate me for that, but I am just wondering if we can't drive the value of drama tokens by increasing the SP of the Dramabot, thus making the value of the upvotes larger.

I think you should carefully consider the economics of such a move because I think there need a healthy balance of increasing the value of the "service" without diluting the supply of coins on the market.

I love Drama, I love the BTC price action currently but I have a feeling there will be BIG drama relating to price action very soon. Keep up the GREAT WORK!

We absolutely are considering that. The pause we took was to take a look at the scammy activity first and get the blacklist in order, a info site online, and ensure we were ready for that kind of attention.

We were testing. Things are about to start moving! Keep watching.

....all this time I was wondering if you had been kidnapped by the Koreans.

They tried... :)

lol, yeah there was a little voice in the back of my head telling me I didn't think that'd go over to well for them.

You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

@dramatoken, @whatsup, thanks for this cool project.

I highly recommend you using some information page on the location link instead of link, or at least include the link in the drama comment, or in each post at least.

For instance, I didn't know how to use it (and of course what it is) but it was also hard to find the info page.

It seems you're even running a blacklist. Suppose some user received drama comments many times. (I was such a case.) and then they have no idea about what it is /how to use it. Say they just mimic the comments they received, say several times. Then you put users in the blacklist? this sound very unfair and unpleasant.

I also saw that my second (just second!!! not even 12th) upvote was cancelled (seems i'm not in the blacklist though) and that's why I came here. No matter how good your intention is, this experience was so dramatic in a little bit bad way.

haha! Thank you for the feedback. I've read it and am considering how to implement the feedback.

If I find DRAMA is being handed to friends for no reason I usually remove the votes.

I blacklist repeat offenders. You are not blacklisted and I appreciate your feedback.


Please only use them where you find DRAMA, not to give your friends for no reason. :)

Thank you for your reply and dramatoken. I like the color and logo. Who designed it?

Hope you will actually include some information page somewhere for most users who don't understand the system well. Thanks!

You're upping the drama to new levels! Have a DRAMA.

To view or trade DRAMA go to