Steem Monster Rules - 101 (The Beginning)

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I have a lot of my friends that have asked me how Steemmonsters works. Different people have various knowledge levels of the game, so I decided to do a series of different posts to break it down and simplify it. If you are familiar with it, then you will find this boring. But if you are new, then hopefully I can make it simple to see how it works.

Steem Monster Rules - 101 (The Beginning)


Rule #1 - Nothing Starts Without A Summoner

A Summoner is the person on your team that "calls" your other monsters to the game. The Summoner is like the captain and doesn't play, but "supports" his/her teammates. The Summoner can call any monster in his splinter (color), for instance Malric Inferno can call any of his "red" teammates. (Note: with a limit of mana, discussed below)

SM 101.png

A Summoner will have a certain amount of "Mana" that he can use for each game. Each of his players have a "mana cost" and he will have to make the total of his team's mana fit within the game's mana cap. (See picture)

SM 101a.png

Initially we've been told we will have 20 mana games, so for now you should think about what cards you would want to play that would add up to 20. Think in terms of 20 mana being the "salary cap" for a match.


Rule #2 - The Matches Will Be Played With Predetermined Rules

When you pick your team you will do so with the understanding that the computer will fight based on certain "rules". Once you understand these rules, then you will know how to build your team and set your lineup. (Note: I won't go into this in much detail on this post, but I wanted to point out this concept so that you know there is some logic and strategy involved)

Order of Play is the first rule that you should know exists. That means that your players on your team will go in the order of their "Speed". The faster a monster, the faster he will strike the other opponent (and thus maybe eliminating a player first).

SM 101d.png

Rules of Engagement is the second rule that you should know exists. This is a little more complicated, but essentially means that some cards will attack the front guy while other cards will attack the back guy. Also some monsters might have "melee" attack, while others have "range" or "magic". Again I won't go over this in depth, but I want you to know that it is a factor that will need to be understood. It is part of strategy and we will cover in a followup post.

Different Roles is the third rule that you should know exists. Basically what this means is that certain cards will serve certain functions. For instance, the first such role is a "tank". A tank is the card that has the big amount of health to take a beating and usually also has a big amount of attack power to deliver damage to the opponent. (See Rexxie as an example below)

SM 101b.png

Other roles that we will go over in other posts are healers, assassins, sorcerers, and general support players. You can tell by the stats of each card what a individual monster's function is likely to be, but there is some cool strategies to figure out some great combinations. You will also notice different "abilities" that many cards have like heal, poison, retaliate, etc..., these are also important and will play a big part in your strategy.


Rule #3 - Size Of Summoner Determines Size Of Team Play

Each card has a level that goes from level 1 to level 10 (for commons) up to level 4 (for legendaries). The higher the card level, the more powerful it is. More on this topic in a future post.

In the beginning when you get a card it will be at level 1. Then you can either combine it with another card and make it a level 2, or you can play it and earn experience points and eventually also move to level 2. Each card will have the level marked on it to let you know what level it is. (see pic of Rexxie below)

SM 101c.png

So once you know the level of your summoner, then you can match the size of the monsters to meet the size of your summoner. In other words, if your summoner is a level 3 then you want your other monsters to be equivalent to a level 3 summoner. Remember the higher levels of your cards, the more abilities and stats your card will have. But you must always remember that your summoner must keep up with the other cards or you will be wasting extra power of them if your summoner isn't strong enough to get their full benefit.


This ends today's basic lesson. These are 3 rules that I think everyone should know when first starting out with this very cool game. There are other posts that you can get more info if you feel you are ready to go to the next step, like this one:

Steem Monsters Gameplay Mechanics Revealed!

I will be doing a followup where I expand on the topics discussed soon. I like to give out info in smaller bites so that people can consume it easier. But I also encourage anyone to ask any questions below in the comment section and I will be happy to answer to the best of my ability.

Also if you haven't seen a match with the cards yet, check out this match with me and @yabapmatt. It shows how awesome this game is going to be, and just remember we are all still very much in the beginning! No real gameplay has even started yet ;)

(Note: run in 0.25x speed)



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Thank you very much for the upvote @steemmonsters! You all are amazing ... and thank you so much @clove71!

What a great match to see!
Frozen Soldier (935px, 15fps) (1).gif

I love you giphy's @clove71! And thank you so much for everything you do!!!

Yeah the gypsies are hella great and great description @davemccoy. Summoners are definitely going to be an important aspect of the game.

Hi Dave. Great tutorial to help beginners learn the game! I feel so behind with the monsters world. Will have to take some time to do some reading and watch the game vids.

Hey @beeyou! Always happy to see you and hope your vacation is going well! And no worries, you will catch up quick. We will get you up to speed in no time, so no worries! Just enjoy the last bit of your vacation and then I will get you your study material when you get back ;) ... jk... Have fun and you will pick this up easy (because you have some damn good teammates!)

Thanks for this very informative post, will looking forward to the follow up. And I think doing this tutorial in parts was a brilliant idea.

Thank you very much @ange.nkuru! That is a very nice compliment and I'm glad you liked it! :)

This is awesome! Good work.

Thank you @dkid14 :) ... I know you don't need to know this info, but I'm hoping that it will help some new ones to our game! :D

I’ve already sent it to 10 people. It’s good for me to have to share when basic questions come up.

Awesome! I appreciate it and will continue trying to add more to this series to help grow our base from the bottom up! ;)

Hey Dave! Thanks for the small and bite sized introduction. Really looking forward to reading the follow up posts on this. Thanks for making it simple to digest😉

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You're welcome PK! I'm hoping that people like it in this format, I appreciate you feedback letting me know your thoughts!

I better read all of these and just watch some games for a while. Thanks for making it simple.

Hey @headchange! Also glad to see you are paying attention. I have no doubt you will be in the front by the time we actually get started! ;)

Reading this 9 months later and it's still a great resource! I keep losing my battles, so I figure its time to play strategically! Going back to basics! Any tips on levelling up summoners? Going go through your later posts in the coming days! Thanks agian for the great resource!

if you want to contact me on discord, my username there is davemccoy#2479 ... I would be happy to help you directly to understand. If you have never been on discord, let me know and I will send you a link to easily get signed up.

To answer your questions about a tip on the summoners, try to make sure that your summoners and monsters are generally at the same level. If you get the summoner too far ahead of your monsters, then it is just wasted. And vice versa, if you get your monsters too far ahead of your summoner, then they won't get the better abilities as they are limited to the size of the summoner. I hope this helps and happy to see that you found this post :)

Message me anytime for help!!

Thanks Dave will do!! Im hardly on discord these days! New working mom so trying to focus and get things done!

Summoners don't seem to gain any xp though, so I guess you have to combine cards to level up. Maybe I'm just not playing enough!! Lol

Well congrats on the mom part (or the working part) :P ... and yes this is still just a game, so your focus can be elsewhere... And yes, you don't earn XP by playing it, you only get it by leveling up. The reason they did this is the bots would game the system and they decided to reward play by giving out reward cards daily for playing instead. Here is where you see how many cards you have to combine to make each level:

the first place you go is to the stats, and then if you look at each level you will see how many cards it takes to go to the next level and what stats will be upgraded at each level (plus any new abilities)... Good luck and message me anytime! :)

Thanks re congrats i think lol - such is life, you just gotta do it! Thanks for the tip though! nifty trick! the steem monsters gods will be proud of you @davemccoy!

lol... I hope so, I need some help in playing :P

Message me anytime @mimismartypants and have a wonderful rest of your week!

I have been wondering how this game actually works and the rules behind it seeing people post and talk about it but never had a clue until I burst into your post.

Thanks for shading more light on the rules. Perhaps you would have to talk about how it works next time.

I will be happy to discuss it more in depth on the next post. That's definitely the plan! And thank you for your feedback, it is definitely good input and I appreciate it!


Just saw your stand on the curation engagement league. Looks like you've dropped a little further.

I'm so proud that a steemmonster expert is my friend! 😉 Thank you for sharing the rules for beginners with us! 👏

hahaha... I wouldn't say I'm an expert... lol ... I would say that I spend a lot of time learning it :P But thank you Martina! That is super nice of you to say (and think) :D

Thanks Mr McCoy. Smaller bites certainly helps me digest the information more easily.

Thank you @sparkesy43! I'm glad you like it and appreciate the feedback letting me know so. :)

Wonderful explanation on some point of the game. I did not know that all cards should be the same level with the summoner to get better results. I am already waiting for the next post.

Hey @marinaart, I'm glad I can help you! I will try to give these small short explanations many times to get people going. I care particularly about my teammates, so let me know if you need anything else explained further ;)

Very good idea for this steemmonster befinners guide. One question about tze summoners level...I thought that common cards can be +1 lvl compared to the summoner and rare cards are even than epic -1 lvl qnd legendary -2 lvl... is that correct?

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Thank you on the compliment and it doesn't work exactly like +1 (although it is close and conceptually right). There is a table that shows how the summoners work between common, rare, epic, and legends. Here it is:

common - rare - epic - legendary

Oh great I forgot about the info next to the summoner. Thanks for sharing

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OMG, how am I ever going to get all of that in my head?? Thanks for breaking it down like that.
One thing wasn't entirely clear:

if your summoner is a level 3 then you want your other monsters to be equivalent to a level 3 summoner.

Does that mean the monsters should be level 3 too, then?

Oh, I'm such a dumbass when it comes to games like this, lol

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That's how I understand it. If you summon a higher level monster, it will only perform at the level of your summoner. If you summon a lower level monster, it will only perform at it's current level.

Thanks for clearing that up

hahaha... you aren't a dumbass! :P ... It takes a bit of time, but it will all sink in!

The short answer is "no" they don't have to be at level 3. I will show people how to "maximize" in another post, but I wanted to bring this issue up so that people understood that the summoner was very important and shouldn't be neglected. There are simply rules around this and a table to follow. But for today, just understand that the summoner will "cap" the size of the team you play. The higher the summoner, the higher the monsters you can play with it! ;)

Okay, @davemccoy.
I can't stop thinking about me selling Selenia sky for 20 bucks in the early days. And I never got her back, lol

A well written guide is exactly what SM needs to get everyone up to speed. Nice work!

Thanks Doc! I have a lot of respect for your opinion so this is a nice feedback to receive!

I hope you're doing well and I'm looking foward to seeing that golden phoenix in action one day!

That explanation helps. I saw the match between you guys, but I didn't really understand why each card was attacking specific cards. Do you get to decide that? Also, does your summoner really have to match the other cards in your deck? I think I just have a white summoner.

Hey Blondie! Yes and no. Yes you get to decide by what cards you "draft" ahead of the match, but no you don't get to decide once the match starts. The cards will attack based on the rules of each card. I will go over this in another post. But essentially, most of the cards will attack the 1st card in the lineup (that is why you place a tank there so that it can absorb the bulk of the hits). There are exceptions, mainly assassins with "sneek" and "snipe" abilities. Those will attack things other than the first card, and they have their own rules too.

"Sneek" and "Snipe" Symbols

Thanks for the lessons. There's still so much that I don't know. Like "how do you play a practice game?" And "now that I have cards, why do I still have to buy the starter deck before it will let me buy a booster pack?"

Yes on the summoner matching the cards in your deck. If you have a white summoner then you can summon the white monsters. Don't worry though, it is early and all your other cards can be traded or you can find ways to get the other summoners too. I have some plans in motion, so right now I would suggest you learn the game and then we can work on your deck and maximize it for whatever gameplay level you want.

Ok, so I have a ways to go before I can actually play. At least I can get some white cards to go with it and then I can play. I'm a bit late to the party and not planning on putting much money into the game (at least right now), so am I just going to be obliterated by people with super-leveled decks?

The Summoner is like the captain and doesn't play, but "supports"

Even if he does not play does he gain experience also toward leveling up?

Yes every card will get experience the same... Think of it like they are a team and they all get the same pay! So the experience will be gained!

Thanks for this @davemccoy. I think it's unlikely that I am going to be any good at this game. Strategy is not my strong point and, with just the things you mention here, my brain starts to shut down with too many details to process.

But I'm happy to keep going for now and thereby become a better informed investor, if nothing else.

I have a couple of questions. When you say

Then you can either combine it with another card

  1. I am presuming that it needs to be the same card e.g. fire beetle plus fire beetle. Is that correct?

  2. Does the flag in the right hand corner indicate the number of that particular card you hold?

So in the case of Rexxie you hold 55?

That's it for now. I'm going to have a look at the manna and the summoners in my collection and see if I can see a colour that looks better than the others. 😊

Actually that isn't it I've now got a couple more questions . . . 😂

  1. Can you combine summoners?

  2. When you combine cards does the mana increase too or does that always stat the same?

First I think you will be better than you think... This is new to everyone, so don't feel that you are far behind, because you're not!

answer to 1. yes... same card to same card
answer to 2. yes... that is the amount that each person has in their deck

very good!

And yes I have 55 Rexxie's!

answer to second number 1. yes you can definitely combine summoners like all the other cards
answer to number 2, there is no impact whatsoever on mana. A level 1 or level 10, the mana will stay the same for that card!

Thanks for answering my questions @davemccoy. I'm hoping to watch a couple of videos later. 😊

i'm not sure where the best place to ask questions is @davemccoy so I hope you see this one . . .

  1. Having watched the two live games again i'm wondering what melee is. it's referred in relation to both games?

  2. Is there a way to increase the speed of a card or does that happen by combining them?

Ta! 😁

Oohh... that's how it play😊 remind me to the old game like mafia wars😊 so, I still can play this game even if I only have 8 cards and all I need is a summoners. Thank you coach... I'll remember the rules✌

Yes exactly! I told you that you will be able to play! I'm your coach so of course I'm going to find a way for you to play and have fun here ;)

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Hey dave ! great tutorial!!! I'm doing something like that in spanish.

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very intiristing , @davemccoy . Greet you

Awesome work @davemccoy

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thanks i am realy lock9ng forward to play,k @simplymike :yum: