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RE: Steem Monster Rules - 101 (The Beginning)

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Reading this 9 months later and it's still a great resource! I keep losing my battles, so I figure its time to play strategically! Going back to basics! Any tips on levelling up summoners? Going go through your later posts in the coming days! Thanks agian for the great resource!


if you want to contact me on discord, my username there is davemccoy#2479 ... I would be happy to help you directly to understand. If you have never been on discord, let me know and I will send you a link to easily get signed up.

To answer your questions about a tip on the summoners, try to make sure that your summoners and monsters are generally at the same level. If you get the summoner too far ahead of your monsters, then it is just wasted. And vice versa, if you get your monsters too far ahead of your summoner, then they won't get the better abilities as they are limited to the size of the summoner. I hope this helps and happy to see that you found this post :)

Message me anytime for help!!

Thanks Dave will do!! Im hardly on discord these days! New working mom so trying to focus and get things done!

Summoners don't seem to gain any xp though, so I guess you have to combine cards to level up. Maybe I'm just not playing enough!! Lol

Well congrats on the mom part (or the working part) :P ... and yes this is still just a game, so your focus can be elsewhere... And yes, you don't earn XP by playing it, you only get it by leveling up. The reason they did this is the bots would game the system and they decided to reward play by giving out reward cards daily for playing instead. Here is where you see how many cards you have to combine to make each level:

the first place you go is to the stats, and then if you look at each level you will see how many cards it takes to go to the next level and what stats will be upgraded at each level (plus any new abilities)... Good luck and message me anytime! :)

Thanks re congrats i think lol - such is life, you just gotta do it! Thanks for the tip though! nifty trick! the steem monsters gods will be proud of you @davemccoy!

lol... I hope so, I need some help in playing :P

Message me anytime @mimismartypants and have a wonderful rest of your week!