Fabulous Filipino back on on Facebook and Twitter Finally!

in busy •  last year

Ok so it's been maybe over a year from Facebook. When I was living in US that site was becoming just obsolete. But now that I live in Philippines, Facebook is a very important part of the cultures daily life. So I had to verify several times on Twitter and FB give my phone number go through the vision robot test to make sure I'm NOT A ROBOT. Done.

Working on helping my parents build their Hostel & Suites Beach Resort, we have to be on those mainstream social medias. Anyways, so many friends were like... You out of "facebook jail" finally?! LOL!

FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/mimidamayo
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MLDBeachResort
LINE: mimidamayo

BLOG: https://busy.org/@damayo

VIDEOS: https://bitchute.com/damayo (under construction)

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