RE: Time To Make STEEM A Huge Success By Dropping The Focus On "Quality"

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Time To Make STEEM A Huge Success By Dropping The Focus On "Quality"

in busy •  4 months ago

I would agree that too much focus on "quality" content (whatever THAT is, by whatever metric) will tend to be a limiting factor, on the whole. Most social media isn't about that.

What might be more important is whether or not something adds "value," quality or otherwise. In other words, when you post something, does anyone else want to look at it. If "yes," then it adds value, if "no," then it doesn't.

Why does "adding value" matter? Well, who the heck is going to join a site that doesn't have any content anyone wants to look at?


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Yeah, and let people post whenever. If there should be a limit to how many times a person can post per day on Steem, then Steem should simply show us that magical number on our screen so we can see. Oh, I can only post 2 more times today, for example. And once I reach my limit, then the comment button can turn grey and say "You can't comment now: exceeded daily limit" or whatever. The comment button should close. I should not even be able to click on it if I am over the limit.

I would vote for no limit.

But if there is a limit, I want to know it. Facebook did not tell me. Facebook would throw me in jail every once in while, out of the blue, by saying that I went too fast. But what is too fast? That is subjective. Steem should try to keep the rules public, obvious, simple, whatever they may be. Facebook did not do that.