Treasure Hunt around the neighborhood with Aircoins

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Aircoins – Game Rules
Find, collect and trade crypto in AR. Find coins around your city and when you travel. Millions of coins will be air dropped globally. You must be at least 30ft from the coin. All coins on the map will show an Aircoins logo, but upon picked, the coin and value will be revealed. Over a dozen ICO projects have agreed to participate on the Aircoins platform. Trade with your friends or trade with other coins. See Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptos in augmented Reality.

How does Aircoins utilize AR and Blockchain technology?
Aircoins is using the right mix of blockchain, augmented reality and gaming technologies. This unique setup allows for great flexibility for Aircoins to grasp different markets from both crypto and gaming sectors. For the first time you can easily transfer credits from a gaming platform to your personal crypto wallet such as the ledger nano. With Aircoins you can purchase digital AR assets and some AR assets based on location. Vendors can purchase coins or advertisement packs and place the coins around their venues. App users can collect these coins and redeem them.

What is special about Aircoins?
Aircoins App is like the modern day treasure hunt. Find and collect crypto coins in Augmented Reality. We believe Aircoins is the best way to unlock the AR world to everyone. Aircoins is the only app of its kind where millions of coins are dropped globally based on geolocation

How does it work?
Using the Aircoins app, you can locate coins based on your map position. You can walk into a shopping center or market and open the app to see coins available in AR. Just like collecting POKÉMONS on ‘POKÉMON GO’ app.

Why in Augmented Reality?
Augmented Reality is leading the next technology revolution. We are using the cameras on our smart phones more than ever and this is changing the way users interact with the world around them. The AR market is estimated to be worth $108 billion by 2021 (Source: AR will continue to outperform VR.

What is the Aircoins Business Model?
Businesses can airdrop crypto in realtime anywhere on the planet. Collectors can redeem or even trade coins in AR. Aircoins will allow in-app purchases and advertising on coins. Cryptocurrency is approaching the $1 Trillion market cap. The Aircoins App will be released June 2018 on android initially. Join us on the Telegram channel:

Which exchanges are you affiliated with?
Aircoins has taken a more strategic step towards deploying its crypto based application. Instead of an ICO, we are developing the app and giving it out for free. Aircoins will be listed on an exchange when the company matures and establishes partnerships. Aircoins allows for support of other tokens on our platform. The more coins we can bring on the Aircoins platform the more liquidity the digital assets can be.

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Mandelducks bitcoin/counterparty based AR geo-game one hasn't quite worked out, but they relied on user submissions so this might work out better.

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