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After the acquisition of steemit Justin Sun is creating a lot of confusion about steem blockchain, that's why we should mention things in every single posts for people to not be confused !

So, the things that should be mentioned are :

  • Steemit is not steem.
  • We have much more applications and you can find them all here :
  • Voting on the right witnesses who are not running 0.22.5 version. (Those are fake witnesses)
  • To vote use this link to see the version :
  • To login to steempeak, you shoud unstall steem keychain. (It's more safe to use with applications)
  • Steem blockchain is owned by witnesses and the community.
  • Don't use poloniex, they may freeze your funds.
  • Steemit and steemnetwork accounts in twitter are not owned by steem community !
  • Steem community is an independent community !
  • Steem is decentralized and Justin Sun wants to centralize it !
  • It's always possible to create a new, free and instant steem account even without steemit ! (Just contact any steemian with some steem power and they will help you do that).
  • Steem community is defending the truth !
  • Steemit stake wasn't earned by hard work or invested in, but it was mined when steem was created.
  • Steemit inc broke their promise to not use their stake to vote on witnesses !

Maybe it will be more to add in the future, because Justin Sun keeps creating confusion and trying to takeover steem blockchain by voting on his witnesses and still using steemit stake and @poloniex to vote on them !

Let's keep our eyes open and don't let anyone spread lies about steem !

Steem on !


Join our momevent in twitter, we are really doing well and creating big awarness :

We are creating awareness about the situation and letting the world know all the truth about what's happening !

Keep voting on witnesses ! Call any steemian you know to do that with us ! Or just set a trusted steemian as a proxy to vote for you ! You can do it here : or better use @steempeak here :


You can follow me in all these social media and let me know in the comments, how can I find you to follow :

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I'm promoting steem in all of them. Let's connect there and promote it together !

I'm also the founder of @dcooperation , the community where we collaborate. You're welcome to join us in our discord server.

*Here is the community in beta.steemit, you can subscribe and post in it : . We are giving autoupvotes for that !

Check here what else I do to promote steem : The efforts I do to promote steem !

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