Anyone using gets a Steem Basic Income share from me!

in busy •  4 months ago

Minimum bid of 2 credits used, just use and I'll slap you with a @steembasicincome share! No fraudsters please, just post here with proof that you placed the bid. And have a good week!

Got one for the following people:

@tbnfl4sun, @thedailysneak, @kiwijuce3, @rishi556, @tcpolymath, @espoem, @cryptowithincin, @simplymike, @pairmike, @steemengines, @moonbot, @see.feel.write

Also, this contest is still ongoing, get your delegations in to be eligible for it, week 5 prizes are coming up soon!

Proof of the week 1 prize payments, and the SP levels you can shoot for if you want to displace the current leaderboard!

And on another note, it's cool to see some notable persons on the platform upping their SP levels recently! I can't help but chuckle at all the problems the craptastic EOS has been having since it got started.

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Came back to this post to place my proof and I see you've already included me, thanks!

And further thanks for getting me to try out, I've become quite a fan.

Sounds good to me. Any idea how to buy less than 10 credits at a time? I'd like to get my toes wet first before jumping in.


Sending wallet transfers to counts as buying credits, so you can buy as many as you like. (This is convenient since if you do the proxying thing sometimes you will end up with fractional credits and need to top up to a whole number.)


I just noticed the latter, and thanks for the former.


Not sure if I found the 'correct' way, but you can edit the DOM for the 'buy credits' buttons using the inspector (ctrl-shift-i) in chrome to whatever value you wish to purchase.

What's the appropriate proof? Not that I should probably be rewarded since I'm going to be doing it anyway.


Good question, I have no idea, maybe a link to the post or something and I'll get the person the share when I see the message on the comment replies.

· doesn't comment on all(people can choose to hide it if they want). I think a post with a vote should be good plus a wallet transaction of them sending to

nice idea