@Bid.bot contest week 1 results, you can still enter too! 8-16-2018 report

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There's still time to enter!

The contest is still ongoing, and anyone else reading this is still welcome to delegate to @bid.bot, buy votes or resteem for a chance to win! There will be bonuses for everyone delegating if we reach certain levels of SP with the bot! Together there was a total of 2198.704 new SP delegated to the bot, which is awesome! Thank you for participating and, hopefully, staying in the game! Check out the original post below for contest details!


A brutal bear is mauling us!

I'd like to apologize for anyone whose decision to stay in SP was guided by the chance to participate in this contest. Prices of our beloved coins have continued to fall, so I am going to give out slightly more than I said I would in the initial post. An early adopter's bonus for joining the contest early, if you will. :D

3 STEEM and 4 @steembasicincome shares each for 2 of the largest delegators, ~500 SP

@fragmentarion and @literaturkritik

2 STEEM and 3 SBI shares each for those delegating above 200 SP

@city-of-dresden, @dkid14, @rishi556, @sportfrei, @city-of-berlin

1 STEEM and 2 SBI share for those delegating above 100 SP

@inspire1, @telegramairdrops

2 SBI shares


22 SBI shares total, 2 each for the following 11 vote buyers

@spa7, @followbtcnews, @thedailysneak, @pairmike, @cryptowithincin, @kiwibot, @incubot, @nataliejohnson, @simplymike, @inspire1, @jonnyla08

26 SBI shares total, 2 each for the following 13 resteemers

@anixio, @inspire1, @city-of-dresden, @fragmentarion, @dkid14, @amritmahal, @botefarm, @cicisaja, @kpreddy, @baretbiru, @ashikstd, @saun, @marzukie

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Congratulations to all and thanks @charitybot for all the SBI shares ....Hope you raise more and more delegations and they touch the sky.....you have been supportive to me all the time.

Am so glad and grateful for this sbi shares.
Thanks and thanks a lot.
I really appreciate.


No sweat bro! Thank you for your support!

Thank you so much for the SBI shares! 😄


Haha, thanks for using an awesome service! :D

I got what😲 2 sbi shares just for resteemed the post? Whooaa you are really @charitybot 😉 thank you so much.. and though my tiny vote mean nothing to you but that's all I have this time😊


Well I said I'd give them out so I better be giving them out lol! I'm just passing along the votes I've gotten, really.

Wow, I made out pretty well in this contest. I like the bot and want to support the service. I use it every day. Thanks very much!


I'm glad you like the bot, thank you for using it and supporting it!

Thanks friend!

Awesome. Love the rewards.

Congratulations @charitybot!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

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thanks friend