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It is my birthday this weekend. @mrsbozz and I had planned on going out to eat tonight to celebrate, but she is currently feeling under the weather. This is her second day in a row staying home from work and it's a good thing tomorrow is Saturday because if it were a weekday she would probably be missing that one too.

She asked me a while ago where I wanted to go out to eat for my birthday and quite honestly nothing has sounded that great. I thought about Italian, but the chain restaurant near us can be hit or miss sometimes. I also thought about another place that has some killer chicken fingers:


They batter them in a beer batter made from the golden ale of a craft brewery in our state. They then serve them with a spicy honey dipping sauce and homemade potato chips and french onion dip. It is pretty much the only thing I get at that restaurant anymore. Just because they are so good, not because the other food is bad.

@mrsbozz had suggested that maybe I should stop at one of our other favorite places on my way home to get some takeout. She plans on having soup tonight, so she thought at least one of us should have something special.

She actually just called to check in with me and let me know how she is doing. I have to stop at our local fruit/meat/convenience market on my way home from work to grab some things for her, so I think it is more likely I will just grab a steak from there and take it home to grill it.



I am thinking a nice New York Strip or Porterhouse with some grilled brussel sprouts, and maybe some ice cream for dessert (for @mrsbozz's sore throat of course).

The Challenge

So here is my challenge for you, what is your favorite birthday meal? When I lived with my parents I would always have my mom cook/grill baby back ribs. When I was younger my grandma would always make me a huge cake with as much frosting as she could possibly fit on it. As I got older I was more than happy with a good old Texas Sheet Cake.

Is there a special place you like to go out to eat for your birthday? What do you order there? Do you or does someone you love fix you something special at home. Give me all the details! I want the full five course rundown!

The Rules

  • Please make a separate post using your preferred front end to the STEEM Blockchain
  • Use the tag #birthdaymealchallenge
  • Leave a comment on this post with a link to your submission post
  • I am a fan of Spam (the food), but not spam posts so make sure you put some effort into it!

The Rewards

Next Thursday, I will pick five winners and donate 1 SBI (Steem Basic Income) share to them.

Upvoting this post isn't necessary, but please try to resteem it so we can get as many entries as possible. I'd really like to see what meal people eat on their special day from all around the world!

All pictures were taken by me except the steak one, that is from pixabay, though I should have my own steak picture by 6:00 PM tonight!


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Two days off sounds bad, but she has an appetite? It's been a while since I was holed up that long, wish her well from me.

That battered stuff looks good but ever so bad too.. if you know what I mean? You could have done a @tasteem with this... maybe?

That was an old photo. I am positive I already did a tasteem from that place. We are creatures of habit and tend to go back to the same places. Not great for tasteem reviews. 😁. Two days is nothing. She was off for an entire week one time. She gets it bad when she gets it...

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We are creatures of habit and tend to go back to the same places.

Yes I know that one. You find a good place and keep going back.. new ones are a gamble.

Sorry t har MrsBozz isnt doing well I hope she feels better soon
I will Tyr to remember to do a post but i willl answer you here as well though just Incase I forget
For me its a Roast Leg of lamb, but i am fussy it has to be New Zealand Lamb which is seldom available here so havent had that for a while, but if i ever see a nice leg of NZ lamb in a store I will grab it quick and have a belated or early Birthday feast :)

Thanks for this great post and being an active member of @steemusa !tip

That sounds really fantastic. What makes the NZ lamb better than other lamb you have tried?

Well I may be biased of course but the taste of NZ lamb is just so much better than any others Argentinian is close and Australian next for me

It’s all natural and grass feed and maybe the climate helps as well
Generally in top restaurants if they serve lamb it’s often NZ lamb

I can understand that I guess. We used to buy a cow from my aunt and uncle every year when I was a kid. I could always tell when we ran out and mom had gotten beef from the market. The taste just wasn't as good....

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Ohh yes that bring s back memories we had an uncle and aunt with a farm, and we would get a cow and a sheep each year, well a lamb usually and butcher it and fill our big freezer which would last us for months

Yes, we would fill our freezer too!

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I used to help with the butchering but I would not have a clue how to do it these days

I'm sorry to hear @mrsbozz is feeling poorly. I hate when that happens. Especially to me. (Have you told her summer is NOT the season for colds and sore throats? She should have gotten this out of her system earlier.)

I hope she recovers soon. Then you guys can go out somewhere great and make up for this.

Funny you say that, she looked at me just the other day and said "who gets sick in May!". If she listens to me and rests this weekend I think she will be tip top by Monday :)

Sorry I missed this, was formulating a plan of action when clients arrived and blew my afternoon out of the water. Will be on the look out more closely next time @bozz

It's no big deal, I understand! I am definitely going to make the rules a little more lax next time to hopefully encourage some more submissions.

I don't think rules need to be altered, try to get it into mainstream communites a bit more to make members aware, people find out as time goes along that you running a contest.

My apologies since I missed this completely!

Hope you enjoyed your birthday and wife is feeling better.

Thank you!

Happy B-day, brother. And hope wife feels better

Thanks! She is doing better but still going to take the day off tomorrow just to be safe!

Posted using Partiko Android

Damn it, sorry I missed this! Happy birthday @bozz, even though I'm far too late!!

Those chicken fingers look amazing btw :)

No worries! They are pretty amazing. I still haven't made it back there yet!

Maybe you could go out again when she feels better.

We quite often go out for birthdays. One favourite place is an Indian restaurant in one of the villages. The food and service are always good there and it is food that you would probably not cook yourself.

I have been wanting to try Indian food for quite some time now. I am just a little scared about what it would do to my sensitive stomach. I have no doubt we will go out before too long. I think she was more bummed than I was about not being able to go out today.

You should try it. It doesn't have to be super spicy, but you get some interesting flavours.

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