Retracing Your Step. : A #weekendfreewrite

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I know for sure life was designed in sequence by God. Everything in stages, immediately you missed one part of the whole process, you might be finding it hard to retrace steps again in life. Very very important to walk according to God's standard.

Many has misplaced God's plan for there life on the premises of impatience. They've missed the bigger picture of where God wants to take them to.

For anyone who might have missed Christ. Go astray or missed the mark, it's very important to know all isn't lost. Knowing that you have gone astray and needs help back into the fold is just the first right step in the right direction. The first thing to do is confess your sins to God and let him know how sorry you are.

Christ is ready to forgive anyone who comes to Him in fill repentance. Christ is always ready to make His ways known to all those who cares to known Him better.

Would you rather come to Jesus this day. It's very simple, it's called the ABC of Salvation.

First you've got to accept that you're a sinner, then Believe that Christ can wash away your sins and make you anew. Finally confess all to Him and devote your life to Christ.

My entry into @mariannewest #weekendfreewrite

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