how do you politely say..

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hang up that phone now.. you are disrupting our peace and quiet?!?!

Bigram is out of town, so I, the wife, have been tasked by him to post in his place. He will be the first to tell you that at times I am also guilty of being on my phone when I probably shouldn't be... i.e. CPR training in college.. in which my roommate and I were the only ones in the class.

For this week, I am trying a yoga studio close to our house. I am a new "yogi" but understand that the practice of yoga is supposed to be a time to quiet your mind and refocus while you are there. As I walked in the instructors had just asked themselves who a lady in the studio was talking to.. the three of us began a short convo about bigram's travel mishaps that day but ignored what was happening in the background for a few minutes. We finished chatting and I grabbed my props and set up in my restorative pose to get ready for class. I was the last person to arrive but we still had a few minutes before class officially started. The entire studio was quiet as everyone prepared their mind... except the a woman on her cell phone. She was in the middle of quiet the negotiation regarding a stove. It was impossible to not pay attention to her conversation even though you were supposed to be in a resting state of mind. She continued her lively conversation until the minute class started.. you would think someone in yoga would pipe up and ask her to go outside or hang up the phone. Today I was sharing this experience with my cousin who is a longtime yogi and she said "Yep.. just like a yoga class for no one to speak up but for everyone to be secretly upset with her for disturbing them." There you have it, you can be focusing on calming your mind and still bothered at the same time.


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Greetings......good lady.

A lovely post......well-done.

Yes......good manners are the oil that assist in keeping things smooth, as it were. ^__^

Have you heard of the Miss Manners' books.....she has a lovely humourous way of saying a thing.....keeping us thoughtful of others....and reminding us to not make an issue of ourselves.

All the best.


Mr. @bigram13 is a brave man to leave his wife with the keys to his Steemit account. If I did that there would be a continuous stream of unflattering stories about when the Professor . . .

drove the lawnmower into the pool

caught his pants on fire, again

scrubbed all the skin off his legs

dump truck salad



you are right.. i should have seized the opportunity and shared a good story with you all... i'll brainstorm one for next time he leaves me in charge

I will walk up and tell her to talk about the yoga mat instead.


I will walk up and
Tell her to talk about the
Yoga mat instead.

                 - lordkipas

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Haha, this is surprising.

good description and interesting experience

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I'm also a new yogi - and in our Hot Yoga studio, cell phones are not permitted in the silent room. I've only heard a few whispers between couples, and the occasional whispered 'bless you' when someone sneezes.

The changing rooms open into the common area where people gather before class - and the door to the studio floor clearly states that you are entering a silent room.

While the conversation just outside the silent room can sometimes get animated with laughter - it is just a murmur when the studio door is closed.

There has only been one class out of my 120+ practices where an instructor verbally gave a reminder that we were in a silent room - and I had not heard people talking prior to the reminder...

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They need one of those polite messages at the start of every class like they do at the movies. Turn the DAMN phone off. LOL Great job posting in his place!!!


yes! i think they do have something about disconnecting on the door, but i agree they need a special announcement