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RE: New STEEM... It's not like OLD STEEM

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Will we ever be ready!?

I guess that depends on what we mean by "we" and "ready."

The blockchain, in terms of functioning as a currency, has been ready for a long time. It has all of the needed and marketable features to reach those people actually interested in useful cryptocurrencies:

  • No transaction fees
  • 3-second block times
  • Large storage capacity and scalability

Why isn't this ever the focus for marketing? Why do we need to wait three or more years to market the chain? The content rewards system is just a bonus feature (although an important one), in my opinion. That can be marketed separately or as a secondary set of marketable features.

The secret sauce for Steem is the speed, storage/scalability, and the free transactions. But that won't be much of an advantage forever - and marketing it this way may already be too late. Shouldn't we at least try it though? The content/rewards aspect doesn't seem to be working out too well anyway.


Whilst I agree they should market, I think it is Steemit they needed to market. No transaction fees, fast block times and large storage do not interest the average person on the street. What does interest them, is a new type of social media site whereby you can make money...

However the horse has bolted and Stinc are trying to shut the barn doors. The time to market would have been 2 years ago, now I think these efforts are too little too late.


Wouldn't it be lovely,

if the big Steem owners (who like to sell their huge stake)
offer it to people - who understood that three powerful points you made -
if this people
do a lot marketing for Steem.

The result would be, that the part they did not give away, will have a way ore higher value and all win together.


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