🏦 How to join the Whaleshares.io - and the first impressions 🏦

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I can tell you right in the start that thing looks fine to me, and I hope to see more interesting people coming over for a portion of a chit-chat ( and a smart-chat if you must).

Image source by (ID) podanrj on Discord


If you are a complete noob to the Bitshares, you might be interested to read this. It will give you a pretty solid insight about the basics of the Bitshares and make your life a bit eas

The total noobs guide to Bitshares

Image attribution Seveaux Discord ID Seveaux#0040

At this point, if you were not involved with the Bitshares but want to signup with the Whaleshares.io (explained on the page for ones who did) all the things you have to do are in the list below.

  1. get a Bitshares wallet address
  2. exchange or buy some Bitshares (I sent 1.7 STEEM through the Blocktrades.us directly into my wallet)
  3. buy 10 Whaleshare tokens
  4. Follow instructions on signup page

After you buy an account, login, change creds and keep on using a page in the same way you usually use the Steemit.

There are a lot of nicely written tutorials that can help you right in the start, and I will list only a few.

  1. 💰 Whaleshares Sharedrop Claim Announcement - Instructions Inside!
  2. 🚀 Whaleshares.io and BitsharesTalk.io Main Launch!
  3. 📅 Whaleshares Newsletter #2 (September 8,2018)
  4. THIS!! Important!! 👽 Abducted by Aliens ?!?

There is an ongoing giveaway by @lost108 ( same name in here) that you might want to visit too. Minnow Monday Reward Session rewarding new members.

There is an opportunity to set up a witness server and here is an instruction.
Setting up a WLS witness server: My Experience.

You should definitely join in with their official discord for more information and help. Join the Whaleshares official discord server

Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people.

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Thank you @ aschatria for this useful information.

Appreciate it very much.

All the best. Cheers.


No porblemo! Always. Let me know if you need anything, I will try to help out.

@aschatria, I'm interested in the same topic as you, let's spin it together. I signed on to you, I hope you'll sign up for me. Always glad to meet new people!


Sure why not. Love your avatar by the way.

How do i go about of sending my steem to bitshare account name which is welcomewhales10. So that i fit buy bitshare and join whaleshares.io


Hey @steemfirst I chose to transfer STEEM to Bitshares with Blocktrades.us into my wallet. This is it and it will be enough to create an account.
Screenshot_2018-09-11 BlockTrades Cryptocurrency Exchange.png

Click Get Deposit Address and transfer with Steemconnect.

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