Every steem user earn free money Airdrop

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Hello dear followersam going to tell you about new Air drop.
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This is an air drop from GByte.
Here is how every steemit user can make money from 10 to 160 usd.
First you need to download the ballbyte wallet.
After that you need to follow the steem attestation bot instructions

Here you can attest your steem username.

Your steem username will be linked to your Byteball address, the link can be either made public (if you choose so) or saved privately in your wallet. In the latter case, only a proof of attestation will be posted publicly on the distributed ledger.

The price of attestation is 0.0000491 GB. The payment is nonrefundable even if the attestation fails for any reason.

After you successfully attest your steem username for the first time, you receive a reward in Bytes that depends on your reputation in Steem:

Reputation 30 or above: $5.00 reward
Reputation 40 or above: $10.00 reward
Reputation 50 or above: $40.00 reward
Reputation 60 or above: $80.00 reward
Reputation 70 or above: $160.00 reward

Half of the reward will be immediately available, the other half will be locked on a smart contract and can be spent after 1 year.

Please send me your address that you wish to attest (click ... and Insert my address).
Make sure you are in a single-address wallet. If you don't have a single-address wallet, please add one (burger menu, add wallet) and fund it with the amount sufficient to pay for the attestation.
Afted that you should link your steemit account.
And follow the instructions of bot.

As this link is made by steemconnect so you don't need to worry for your details to be lost.
Then you will get 20 dollars in your account.
Follow this link for more detailed information.
Thanks and regards

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Sir your post is very beautiful very interesting your all post I love your #post
Sir I am new user on Steemit
My reputation is just 30%
Sir I am best apvoter and comments sir please help me Thank you


Brother follow this post anx you will get 2.5 usd as reputation 30
And then convert it into sbd and invest that in steemit

Nicely explained brother.
I'm thinking of joining this at 40 reputation to get some extra reward.
Do consider helping

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