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Sndbox Summer Camp: Project development and Coding Quest | Intro

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I heard that you want to be part of Sndbox...

Well, this is your LAST chance!

After five amazing Quests we are finally reaching the end of the recruiting stage. After this quest, we are hoping to have more than 50 astounding content creators posting about the most popular topics here on Steemit: Travel, food, homesteading, photography, filmmaking, writing, art, philosophy, psichology and Sociology.

As of today, we have 40+ people from all over the world, speaking different languages, coming from diverse backgrounds and with a mindset so unique that is only logical that this last Quest´s topic is about something that will put these awesome minds to work together.

@sndbox is the first blockchain powered project incubator and, of course, we want the first summer camp to focus on this subject: Project development.

We want creative visionaries who want to change the world - or at least their own environment -and we want to empower them through their projects.

These entrepreneurs must have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and how they want to achieve it. The projects must be Steemit related but ALSO be real life related. We are not looking for only blockchain projects and we are also not looking for real life only projects. They must include both sides of the coin (or token?).

Think of it as projects powered by the blockchain - and @sndbox - to change the real world where we live.

The cool part is that every winner from a previous Quest will have a voice when we pick this Quest winners.

Every project submitted by you, will be under examination of the previous quests winners and only the best will be picked by them - and us, @hansikhouse, @voronoi, @guyfawkes4-20 and me, @anomadsoul.

Every blockchain based project needs proper coding to work on our Steemcosystem so... we are also looking for coders.

Yeah, this is a double Quest. We want project thinkers and we also need project developers.

You don´t have to be both of them. We are actually looking for different people here: Those who can see the long term plan and those who can make it happen.

So, do you have a project in mind?

Can you make a project happen?

Do you have the leadership to lead a team to the end game?

Can you be the Iron man of your own Avenger team?

Well then, what are you waiting for? This is your last chance. Go directly to @guyfawkes4-20´s post and read about the rules to submit your project or your coding skills.

Good luck, keep on Steeming!

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Congratulation sir @anomadsoul for reaching the end of the recruiting stage. go ahead sir, best wishes for you.

Wow, it's great project to develope the steemit community.Thanks for sharing sir, you are doing a great job.

Can you be the Iron man of your own Avenger team?

You want to know if I can go off by myself and create something ill-advised that tries to kill everyone?

That's basically the reason I quit being a programmer twenty years ago.

I am an artist and can merely sketch out anything can i be the part of this community ,i come from India from kashmir called paradise on earth...
Dont know about Iron man but am pretty sure with HULK..


Beautiful sketch work my friend!

Great work like it.

"Hi Sir ' how are you " I am new to your blog " really you are giving a very good Information sharing with us " I like your post " thank you for this post"

I don't know @anomadsoul but I really do have a project, I've had one the things is, I don't kow if art considered projects can work I mean it's not really top science top knotch, but art has been my line, I've wanted to join @sndbox to promote and raise awareness of all majorly poetry art, it will involve getting to find the best poetry blog posts on the blockchain and compiling then.

Now it can become a contest, I have the idea, I don't want to bore you with many detail but is poetry and literature allowed?

This good ideal for Steem development

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wow summer camp i agree to join your summer camp .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @anomadsou

Great news...!❤
Soon go to @guyfawkes4-20...

Thanks for sharing & have a lovely day, dear @anomadsoul...☕🤗❤

Now finish the project with ease

It's good that there are projects like these, the truth is that it's incredible.

querido amigo esto lo estoy viendo hasta ahora espero que todavia tengamos chance de presentar nuestro proyecto. actualmente un equipo de amigos estamos organizados llevando steem a los lugares mas desfavorecidos de nuestra ciudad, brindando una mano amiga en tiempos difíciles, medicinas, platos de comida, ropa, bolsas de alimentos. ha sido una labor muy linda solo que quisiéramos abarcar mas pero solo somo 5 amigo que tuvimos esta iniciativa y realmente la situación de nuestro país esta muy costosa. nuestro proyecto se llama #steem-blessingme.

Hola Eric, gracias por ser porta voz de Sndbox y hacernos llegar ésta oportunidad a quienes queremos crear proyectos en base a Steem para poder impactar en el mundo real. Saludos cordiales.

Amazing post i like it

Joining @sndbox is one of my highest achievements in Steemit. Being part of the international community is one way to achieve optimal development. The projects at @sndbox always provide opportunities for Steemians around the world to continue to grow. Thank so much @anomadsoul.

That's a very cool final Quest!