@Louis88 Won a tournament and is going to Steem Fest | Get to know him!

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The @spl and @blocktrades organized the #SteemFestTournament and they are sponsoring @louis88 with a ticket and accommodation in Krakow in November during the Steem Fest Celebration.

Louis played one of the Satellite tournaments and advanced to the final table where the hands didn´t worked out so much in his favor but, when the tournament was over, he was able to negotiate the ticket with the winner and now he is going to Krakow!

If you don´t know who @louis88 is, here is a brief intro about him and his #RoadtoSteemFest. Make sure to follow him, I´ve read some of his posts and he is quite an interesting man who I can´t wait to meet and share a beer during Steem Fest.

Tell us who you are and a bit about your Steem Life

My name is louis88 (Simon) and I am 30 years old. I come from the center of Germany. I have been here at Steemit since the end of January 2018 and I like to create manuals around the blockchain and / or its tools. I am excited about photography. At my beginning I actively participated in @utopian-io, because among other things I am also a small web developer. So far I could already get to know some great people from this community in real life and am looking forward to meet some new interesting people in Krakow.


Why do you want to go to Steem Fest? Congratulations, you are going!

For me it was an easy decision to go to SteemFest. After getting to know some Steemit users at this year's @steem.camp, the decision was made quickly. I have to go to the SteemFest. I expect interesting people, cool stories and lots of fun in Krakow. The presentations of the announced speakers are also very interesting for me and so I can consolidate my knowledge around the Blockchain, Steemit and Krypto.

What are your expectations about Poland, Steem Fest and the whole event?

Since I have been to Poland before (many many years ago) I am happy to visit this great country again. To get to know the culture a bit better, to try the food is also a part of my expectation. I have looked at the information about the past 2 Steem festivals and I am convinced that it will be legendary in Krakow. The event is expected to be a complete success. When I already see all the planning and the work behind it, I say at this point: Hats off @roelandp, for such a great achievement! Thank you!


Are you going for business or pleasure?

Business, pleasure, or both? definitely both!
On a platform where money is at stake it is obvious that business is also conducted here. Of course I am interested in many things that bring the business forward. At Steemit there are numerous possibilities to connect to a business or to develop completely new business models. Starting with decentralized applications (dApps) which also have a kind of business model up to the actual trading of crypto currencies, I am very interested and am looking forward to expanding my knowledge at the SteemFest.

Besides the conferences you should not forget the fun. Like many other Steemians, the main reason for the SteemFest for me is fun and enjoyment, relaxation, reorientation and letting my thoughts run wild.
I am really looking forward to the bowling event. Since I like to roll a ball over the track in my spare time, I am even more happy to be able to do this with this great community. Maybe there will also be another contest? Who knows it....
Getting to know the Steemit community is one of the main reasons for me to travel to Poland. A lot of new, interesting people in a crowd all of whom are connected is great. Having a drink at the bar, having breakfast, sightseeing, talking about the past, the future and now about the platform gives me a lot of pleasure.
Getting to know Krakow and saving it in my memories is also a very good idea. I will bring some photo/video equipment to do this.

Tell three fun facts about you.

I like to play bowling and shoot a few pins away. My personal highscore in a game is 215 o.O

Just switch off once, let your soul dangle and just do nothing is difficult for me. I am probably a person who is much too curious about new things and doesn't want to miss anything.

With 10 years I got my first computer. This had the operating system Windows 3.1 ... Man like the time passes.

Tell us whatever you want to add, let the people know who won a free ticket to Steem Fest!

There's a person on this platform who looks exactly like me. This person registered one day before me on Steemit, but got the info about the community from me. With this person I will visit the SteemFest together. We are talking about my identical twin brother @Rivalzzz. Together we go through thick and thin, have experienced a lot in 30 years. Get to know us! But please don't confuse us :wink: Maybe you can guess exactly who is who at the SteemFest :D

Remember this was a @Blocktrades sponsored tournament, if you like what they are doing vote for them as witness here

@anomadsoul was a proud host of this contest, if you like what he is doing vote for @ocd-witness as witness here
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Herzlichen Glückwunsch und bis dann :)


Vielen Dank :) Das wird Legendär. Freue mich dich dort auch zu sehen :)!

Thank you :) This will be legendary. Glad to see you there too :)!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch @louis88 du gehst zum steem Fest👍


Danke dir. Freue mich schon jetzt riesig auf die Reise nach Krakow.

Thank you. I'm already looking forward to the trip to Krakow.

WOOT! thanks @anomadsoul for the hosting, @blocktrades for the sponsoring, and way to go @louis88!! Have fun!!

congratulations @louis88 =) look forward to meeting you there


Thank you eve! I'm happy to meet u there too! =) @evecab

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Congression boss,carry on always with you boss @anomadsoul

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