3 Fun facts about me | My road to Steem Fest

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Are you going to Steem Fest? Why aren't you using the tag #roadtosteemfest and joining in the fun? It's very simple, everyone who wants to join the tag writes about the same subject and we all get to know each other a bit more and then, when we meet in person I Poland it will be as if we already know each other! No awkward silences nor weird conversations, only two friends meeting in person for the first time.

For this week, week number 5, we decided to go for a topic a bit funnier and lighter, we decided to write...

Three fun facts about me

Well, I decided to get full honest here and don't care about judgements from other people, I'll give you some of the funniest fun facts from the guy behind @anomadsoul, I'll give you some facts about Eric.

1.- I only shower three times a week

Iugh Eric, that's not funny at all, that's only gross and I don't want to come near you in Poland.

Well, when I started this experiment two years ago, the first two weeks I smelled like crap all the time and my body was craving for a shower everyday, especially since I lived in the Caribbean and the humid weather demanded me that I took a shower twice a day, so being around me was not the best of times.

But I didn't mind about that. I read about all the benefits - which I won't list here to not sound as if I'm explaining my reasons to you - and positive things for our body that comes from not showering daily that I decided to give it a try and guess what? I´ve never felt better and all those positive things and benefits are not shaenanigans, it´s all true. Besides, after a few weeks following that shower pattern, your body adapts and you stop smelling and actually you start being healthier and smelling better overal, the hard part is to endure those first weeks of hell. So, cheers for not showering daily!

2.- I cut my own hair

Ohhh, so that´s the reason you never have a great haircut! Makes sense now.

When I was 16 I woke up one day wanting some changes in my life, I needed to feel renewed and refreshed. I read about the subject and some people recommended going shopping, have an extreme make over or changing the layout of your house/bedroom. I couldn´t go shopping because I was never wealthy; I didn´t know how to perform an extreme makeover on myself; I had no idea about energy and Feng Shui, plus my mom wouldn´t let me re-arrange the house. So I went for a full hair cut and re-arranging my bedroom.

I had the worse hair cut ever, but I liked the sensation or feeling of freedom and freshness it gave me cutting my own hair. I kept doing it and eventually I became good at it... so yeah, I´ve been cutting my own hair since I´m 16.

3.- I like Tequila, and I´m planning to bring some to Poland

So get ready because one of the "free nights" in Krakow we are having some shots before hitting a club, and you are all invited :D

See you in Krakow!

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oh, an invitation from which it is difficult to refuse. I will also drink tequila, but only if you make me a cocktail :)
Steemit Fest in Poland, in Krakow :) oh my god. it's so close to me.
from my city in Ukraine to the city of Krakow in Poland is only 1431 km))
2 of your three facts coincide with mine :) can you guess which ones? :)
hehe) I wish good luck on a trip to Poland. I know that Poles are friendly people. So do not be afraid and welcome!
Now, now there are three facts about me:
1 fact
I'm not parting with my phone, while insanely disliked when someone near me can not take vzlyad from the phone. All when I'm traveling by car and a pedestrian crosses the road through a pedestrian crossing he does not even look around. It freaks me out of myself. I will certainly miss a pedestrian, but someone else does not. Such a feeling. that people were devastated by the instinct of self-preservation.
2 fact
I have a habit of always adjusting my hair, I always fill them with my ears. Oh how happy I am that my ears are not big, I can safely show them. otherwise my habit would come to me sideways. If I had big ears above me, everyone would laugh, that's me lucky.
3 fact
I like sports clothes. Therefore, do not expect me to see in the short red a dress, on heels. I love sneakers, I have many different pairs of sneakers. but only a pair of shoes with heels. Well, if such an event, then I will not wear sports pants, I will wear shorts :) unless of course in Krakow is not cold :)
Not much about me. I can tell a lot about myself. By the way, you would know me for sure, because I would bring your portrait :))
Have a good mood! And thank you for raising my spirits :)


you draw his portrait =) I really want to see. I wait for the result.
indeed, many people crossing the pedestrian crossing can not even look around. they are looking into the phone. they trust the life of a car driver. I never understood such people. In our life we can only rely on ourselves

3.- I like Tequila, and I´m planning to bring some to Poland

For this reason alone, I now know we can never meet in person. Long live whiskey, the one true alcohol! Down with the false prophets! Heathens! Mongrels!


Hahahaha I'm a Tequila guy just because I can handle it, Everytime I drink whiskey it's as if I already list the battle before starting, but when we meet we can have both :P


Part of the reason I'm not huge on tequila is because every tequila I've had in the US just tasted awful. Granted I haven't tried anything that probably costs more than $25 a bottle, but it just always taste like rubbing alcohol rubbed through the ass crack of an ogre. Maybe if I tried some higher end stuff I'd enjoy it, who knows.

Also, random question for you. I know you travel a ton, but when you're back in your stomping grounds of Mexico, how far away from Mexico City are you?

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Estimado amigo, a pesar de que no iré a Polonia, te cuento que es muy grato para mí conocerte un poco mas.
Es genial como esta plataforma da para poder aprender de las personas que leemos a diario, cada día siento que conocemos mas a nuestros autores favoritos, no solo su manera de escribir, sino un poco su manera de ser, sus costumbres, habilidades, drestrezas, pero también sus temores y penas.
Yo agradezco a Dios por haberme puesto a Steemit frente a mi y ahora por ser un Blogger a tiempo completo, mi pasión está al 100% para escribir.
Que bueno conocerte cada día un poco mas...
Saludos desde Venezuela compadre...


PD: Aquí tenemos una bebida muy parecida al Tequila, se llama Cocuy y es deliciosa... Me suscribo a la primera que mencionaste (también) jajaj.

Haha that's some fun fact. Does the shower thing got to do something about depraving skin & making them too dry?

Hope you all have an amazing time. Jealous big time, but I'll not miss the smell lol

jajajajajajaj I laughed a lot with this publication, too much transparency and sincerity, well that's good if you are going to start a friendship there in Poland and more if you were going to share the room with someone else, it's better to know from now on that you don't shower for example, jajajajajaj. I hope you have a good trip. Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better.

Oh you didn't read it all the way down! I actually smell better now! Only the first weeks of adaptation were hard to handle haha. Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you like getting to know me a bit better!


hahaha ok the translator hates me, it's good that it's like that, greetings

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I cannot / Will not go to poland to be in this fest its to early for me snd with 4 kids Kinda difficult and now I will miss the tequila by the unshowerd, Kind off a steemit veteran who cuts his own hair, but Eric you Will miss the three thing I would have told you When I would be in poland maybe Same tequila next year on fest number 4 , and not to be the most sour woman on earth and this stemesfere :
I go to the hairdressers every 6 weeks !
Say Hi to All My friends joyning in the tequila club night
Greetsz from Rotterdam

Hahaha! I cut my hair all the time since I studied my master degree in the United states. I also cut my classmates's hair.
Yes, that means I am good at it too. I am glad to know that we are similar in some ways.

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from @catwomanteresa|dPet team | Fundition Ambassador meow

It's funny, we all are crazy steemians, long life to decentralized system.

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Ha ha, I also don't shower daily. The only time that I have is when I was in full time Monday - Friday 9-5 employment, and that was more about the power of the shower to wake my tiered ass up... even then I used to skip one on the weekend. You're not the only one Eric 😉

Awww man... tequila is like my least favorite booze for the hangover it gives me. I like the energetic high it gives but the after effects are epic for me. Maybe on the last night dude, I slam a few of those bad boys back. Good to get to know some fun facts about you. Roll on the good times in Krakow.

interesting! I just googled the shower thing, and apparently showing every day or even twice a day as I'm doing now is not healthy. I have a problem though...after workout I STINK, so I have no choice ahahaha. But it makes total sense that showering too much strips your skin from moisture and necessary oils, and that's not good. Maybe just rinsing with water is ok...interesting though!

Oh and I won't join you for tequila, but I'll have a beer =)

The shower part is really shocking, it doesn't matter how many times you tell me that.

La foto tiene pinta de que la hiciste esos días donde te dejaste de bañar todos los días Eric lol 😂 😂 😂.

La verdad que eres valiente en dar ese tipo de información, no me quiero imaginar qué cosas dirás cuando tengas 50.

LOL. Yeah, I know about the tequila :) Sounds good to me, just don't expect me to still walk very well, I don't do tequila very well haha. I know what you mean about the showering thing. It really isn't great to take too many showers especially with the crappy soaps they sell everywhere. Pure water is better. I can't do 'no showers' in a warm country though. At least a swim is needed...but hey, maybe I just need to try it. Funny you mention the hair cutting. I just cut my own hair last week! I was attempting to grow it longer since last year Steemfest, but it was just crappy now. So I had enough and cut it. Feels great! Uhm, I guess this means I have to share some facts about me in my roadtosteemfest post next....

Qué se me hace que con lo del tequila, ya hiciste varios amigos más... aún a pesar del primer fun fact jajaja.


HAHA let's be honest it didn't surprise me. Everything in your post is logical and smart. When we are surrounded 100% chemical in this world I agree with you ;)

I also have changed a lot of things couple years ago in my life

For example:

Kitchen ( cleaning stuff - no chemicals )

my food ( mostly from local people or grown and made by us means @gregbit :) )

my bathroom ( no chemicals cosmetics just natural and made by me ) etc...

So as you can see, you are wise man :)

Greetings from both of us :)

See you in Kraków ;)

I find it very interesting that you cut your hair by yourself. That's courage and you also save some money. :)

You are always great. I like your writing the most.

Wouldn't have thought you'd make me go ewww and awwww in the same post :)) now I'm curious what happens if you don't shower every day - cuz it sounds weird but I'm sure there's a good reason behind it.
I think your hair looks great! And I don't think I've ever had tequila...I've had marguerita, which from what I understand has tequila in it, but other than that...😎

jaja y yo pensé que era el único cochino lol

Very funny facts!

Hai @anomadsoul

I only shower three times a week

Tell meyou are not serious and I will believe you..
If I try that in my city before long I will be smelling like baked ass
...........and thats not anyone wants to perceive when he/she comes around

it is unfortunate that i will not be there
I would have love to but.............
it would have been fun to meet you and many others right there

I cut my own hair too. Haha.
I like tequila as a mixer.

Yeah, I cut my own hair too - that's why it only has 2 possible states, completely shaved, or halfway down my back. Right now I'm at halfway down my back!

I'd love to go to Steemfest. Maybe one day when I'm not swamped with work.

Hello, Krakow, hello @amonadsoul! I am Ukraine! Let's be friends)🇺🇦

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Tequila? That's my poison, baby. I'll happily imbibe with you.

Wine puts me in a-fib. Beer puts me in the bathroom. Whiskeys and bourbons put me to sleep. Tequila puts me in the best mood ever, and fortunately for everyone there, it does not make my clothes fall off. (hat tip to Joe Nichols for that cool as hell old song.)

See you in two days!

Those are some cool facts! :D I hear some people get cleaner hair from not washing as well - you just have to go through the phase where your hair looks shitty and fatty and wear a hat - but then you can skip all or most of the shampoos it seems. Actually clothes smell worse than the body itself at times.

And well, I don't cut my own hair, but I don't go more than twice a year, and my hairdresser has a massage chair :')

yer funny. i cant afford steemfest, but i hope you have a great time :)

You, very much, intrigued me with a story about how you take a shower. Now I'm very interested to know about this.

Вы, очень сильно, заинтриговали меня рассказом о том,как Вы принимаете душ. Теперь мне очень интересно узнать об этом.

Do not worry about the fact that you only had to take a shower three times a week, dear Eric. You did not think that you were washing off pheromones from yourself?))))

See you in Krakow! I love Tequila as well, frozen margarita yeah!!

Congrats, this post is featured on my daily news show (in Chinese :D) for today!

hehehe! These are some super funny points! While i shower/bath sometimes twice a day, I have trained myself to sleep only six hours a night, and eat only between 12 and 8pm. LOL (TMI much?!) My point is that we can train our bodies to do anything!

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@anomadsoul, Everyone have different life experience and different lifestyles so, it can possible that some can get benefits in one phase and other can benefit in other phase.

And in my opinion, doing your own Haircut is showcasing the artistic essence, and many try that because, sometimes only we can satisfy our haircut and no one else.

And many come up with different Hair Style and beard when they do their own Hair Cut. And in my opinion whatever it is, if our hair pleases us then everything is fine.

I hope and wish that you'll going to have an awesome time in SteemFest and specially hope that you'll going to enjoy the musical time. Enjoy the day ahead.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂