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Hi, everybody. I recently had a creative photo shoot and really want to share these photos with you. This photo of retro style. I hope you like them. And everyone will be able to read their story here. Who is in the photo? Maybe it's Mary Poppins. Or Anna Karenina? Or Jane Eyre? Decide for himself.













And I want to tell my dear friends that I'm back again. I hope you are also still on the platform and reading my post!



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Thanks so much. I'm glad you marked me.

Hi anna-mi,

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Thanks so much. I'm glad.

Really good photos. I think you are everything you wrote in your post: Jane Eyre, Anna Karenin and much more.

Welcome back! You have been missed! 🤗 I come to your page frequently and check to see if there is anything new, and was hoping you were okay and nothing serious had happened! I hope that you and your family are well!

What a lovely lady! The photographs are fabulous! Great job on them! 😃

Thanks for coming. I'm touched that you were worried about me. I'm fine. I was immersed in the photo, I had little free time. I had to learn a lot. But now I'm here again.

She reminds me more of Mary Poppins to tell you the truth:) Lovely set of photographs with warm earth colours and sweet autumn feeling.

Welcome back and i would suggest to start posting your artworks at nTopaz platform It is the artist's community and i am sure you will get a lot of support and attention there.:)

Thanks. I'll be sure to join you.

What a lovely photo shoot! I like the warm, golden light - it makes me think of autumn...

What was the occasion for this photo shoot? I would say that it's Anna Karenina :)

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!

Thanks. I'm really glad you stopped by. It was just a creative improvisation, some lady from the past. And of course I was inspired by a bright model with an interesting hair color.

Love these photos! Great job and thanks for sharing your work with us

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Thank you!

HI dear @anna-mi , i really don't know Who is in the photo? Maybe it's Mary Poppins. Or Anna Karenina? Or Jane Eyre?
but the Photo's are awesome looking very pretty
Can you tell whats this place where you shoot these beautiful picture's :)

Thank you, these photos were taken at 4 different locations. First we were at the old station. Then a few shots were taken near the Orthodox Church, also near the river on the ruins of an old building. And in the end we visited the noble estate, which is currently a children's school of arts.

Superb photos dear. You look so beautiful <3

Hello @anna-mi, welcome back! Beautiful photos and thank you for tagging me since I'm having a hard time keeping consistent here :-)) and this gives me the nudge. I love the style and the natural grace of the model, well done.

I'm very glad to see you. I was on your page today, and I thought you weren't visiting the platform for a long time. I want to inform you that I received your gift, I really liked it, such a delicate work. Thank you!

Great, glad you like it!
Yes I haven't posted much but do upvote about once a week.

Oww such a pretty.

You look like one of those beautiful girls that is literature books in school. Perfect colored posters on paste on walls.

Whistle :):)

hi @anna-mi
beautiful photos! I especially like those on the move, where fantasy comes to life! I would vote for a Mary Poppins on vacation !!
Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us

Very nice photoshoot @anna-mi :)
You look lovely in these photo's.
Thanks for sharing!

Very beautiful. I loved them all. I can see quite a few people using these pictures in stories and other posts. They are fun and evocative.
You are a multifaceted model

Some great photographs showing off the autumn colors. I think you have captured the light very well and some really good ideas for a photo shoot. Very well done and I love the suit case with the railway track.

I love this style, the photographer did an amazing job and congrats to the model as well. Amazing retro style with lovely golden, red colors. I don't know who I want to see on the photos, I can't decide but I have red hair like the model, so ... I guess it could be me 😀 The umbrella is fantastic. I wanted one for a long time, although I know I won't wear it but lace umbrella is so retro, so special. Excellent photo shoot! Congratulations, have a nice weekend!

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