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What to use 50/50 or 100%
That is the question
What is my dividend
Please give me suggestion

When Steem Price is low
Close to a Dolla
Everyone knows
100% SP to follow

This way you make more
But have to wait for a while
Power Down is in store
But takes 3 months to file

If you're here and just started
100% is a must
This way you will have
More SP than dust

So enjoy wisely your time
Don't put too much into my rhyme

It was nice again to give you a hint
This was all from my poetic stint

By Angel Veselinov

Hey All After the show one I wanted to share with all my view on doing 100% power up posts. Here are my non-poetic arguments :)

. You gain more STEEM than SBD
. STEEM is More Expensive right now ...
. You get much more upvotes from people who love STEEMIT ... (Proven FACT)
. Well This is a No Brainer for me ... What about you guys ? ? ?


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Angelveselinov ,I am pretty sure you can rap on the same rhyme.


And guys @poetsunited is one of the best community for poets . There is nothing better than this. In no time , it will be the biggest Community for poets. Yes I am very happy to be a member of this wonderful community . Join Today.


I guess I should try 100% SP on my next post. Cool poem by the way.

Lol.. I loved this, well done man, truly made my day with such an epic poem, resteemed !

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I love 100% but I wish steemit.inc would return that button where I can select which option just before I hit post. It used to be there, then they improved it by hiding it away in settings. That would be fine if my choice setting remained set where I want it. Everyday it seems to reset back to 50/50 - it seems to have grown a mind of its own ;-)