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RE: Final Match Analysis - France vs Croatia

in #busy5 years ago

I have been declared the winner of the 2018 World Cup group stage, the French have satisfied the spree with the champions they get ,, lest I be embarrassed by Paul Pogba for winning the World Cup contest but not getting anything ...

Please understand. I do not want to get bad luck because I did not get any prizes ,,because I did not have the capital to raise Ronaldo's salary made me have to return to lose Real Madrid player ..😜


Hey @anomadsoul ,
I want you to send a gift as soon as possible though in general I am not winning this contest, I really want to send Ronaldo back from Juventus ...😀
If not, give me some SBD loan to repatriate him ,, I will definitely pay to you at the 2022 World Cup..haha

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